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Top 10 Best Hiking Boots for Big & Tall Men 2020

Tall guys with big or wide feet who love hiking and camping are not very spoiled for options when it comes to the best hiking boots.

Being vertically gifted ourselves with a passion for the outdoors, rest assured, we know what we’re talking about when it comes to hiking shoes.

It’s always hard to pick a top ten and this list was no exception. No matter the conditions or climate you’re going for a hike in we’re certain you will find the right pair for your bigger feet on this list. We have ranked the best of the bunch of on the following:

  • Traction
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Price


10. Karrimor Munro Men Walking BootsKarrimor-Munro-Men

What we Like: Waterproofing, Budget

When you think of Karrimor, the first thing that you think of is budget… and they are.

These are well-made for their price range and is perfect for big guys who want to go on a casual adventure.

They’re ultra-comfy with fantastic support and nice snug insoles, but what’s top marks about them is their waterproof quality.

They’re so waterproof that you’ll think you’re wearing rain boots instead of hiking shoes. Total value for money right there.


9. Merrell Phaserbound WaterproofKarrimor-Munro-Men

What we like: Warmth, Durability

Merrell are well-known for their entry level boots and they’re typically good for tall guys who love hiking on colder periods of the year.

The Phaserbound is ultra-warm and has very good upper waterproofing and insulation.

The inner lining is soft and comfortable while the soles are durable enough to use for long walks and backpacking.

The only issue that can be found in these boots is that it might overheat you in the summer, but they’re mostly snug year-round.


8. Salomon Men’s X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Multifunctional Hiking BootKarrimor-Munro-Men

What We Like: Support, Stability

You can probably create an entire list of top-rated books just from Salomon and that will work itself out since they are always top quality.

Big guys who like their mid-height boots would love the X Ultra.

It offers solid support and stability and their Gore-Tex material keeps your feet dry and good for use the entire year.

One of the best perks that the shoe gives you is the EVA midsole that reduces fatigue and promotes comfort for extended movement.

7. Mammut Men’s Ayako High GTX Walking BootKarrimor-Munro-Men

What we like: Traction, Comfort, Waterproofing

What Mammut gives on the table is clear with the Ayako High GTX: the grips are super on hiking trailers, climbing routes and via ferratas.

The memory foam insoles are crazy comfortable while boasting superior waterproofing due to the liquid rubber.

The Ayako is basically serious business and it will take care of you in any adventure that you do.

These boots are solid climbers and one of the most excellent pair of boots that you can wear on all your outdoor activities.


6. Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera Mid WP Hiking BootKarrimor-Munro-Men

What We Like: Comfort, Warmth, Durability

Hi-Tec’s offering for hikers are a superior pair of 100% waterproof mid-cut hiking boots that not only look good with the durable suede but are workhorses with the breathable nylon uppers that allow for superior air circulation – they are cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool.

The Bandera are ideal if you like to move around a lot and do different things all-year – hiking, trailblazing, climbing.

They’re easy enough to use on rugged terrain and will surely be a joy on your tired feet in the long run.

5. Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking BootKarrimor-Munro-Men

What We Like: Support, Traction, Durability, Comfort

A lot of the hiking boot designs for the bigger guys revolve around support and comfort, and the Renegade GTX is designed to reduce foot strain on downhill hikes with its top of the line upper material.

The outsole is made of Vibram, maximizing durability with any type of activity while the leather nubuck is water-repellant.

Light, strong and secure, the Renegade GTX are useful all-rounders for the big guys.

4. Keen Targhee II MidKarrimor-Munro-Men

What We Like: Budget, Lightweight, Comfort

This is most probably the best of the entire top 10 bunch when you’re looking for a budget option for your big feet.

The value comes from the lightweight construction and the wear and forget comfort that it gives you.

The laces are designed for light hikers and campers because of the traction that gives above average grip on multiple situations.

Though the durability is much to be desired, the overall protection and low cost gives these shoes value for every dollar you have.


3. Asolo Jumla GVKarrimor-Munro-Men

What We Like: Traction, Durability, Support, Comfort

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that are both durable and can support your big frame while giving you excellent performance on rock, the Asolo Jumla GV are top in the game for this.

This pair has top marks in the durability and traction department and is perfect for heavy outdoor activity, especially when you need to go scrambling on steep overhangs.

The high cut Asolo Jumla GV is maxed out on all of the heavy-duty aspects of hiking and only failed to be the top shoe in this list due to their water resistance issues.

They’re strong favorites and are always the among the best shoes for the serious hiker.


2. Vasque St. Elias GTXKarrimor-Munro-Men

What we Like: Durability, Waterproofing, Traction, Support, Stability

The Vasque St. Elias GTX is something any tall guy would love.

They’re top performers in durability, in waterproofing, in traction, in support and in stability.

You might ask, however, why they’re not on the number 1 of this list.

These all leather backpacking shoes are on the heavier side of the hiking boots category.

Though they will not be cumbersome for many tall guys, the level of mobility that they give is not as good as the number 1 shoe and that’s a deal-breaker for many hikers that rely on nimble movements to get them going.


1. Salomon Quest 4D II GTXKarrimor-Munro-Men

What We Like: Everything

At number 1 spot is something of a consensus best hiking boots on the planet across any and all half decent outdoor shoe reviews on the internet, and there’s a reason why.

The Salomon Quest 4D II GTX are unbeatable across all checkmarks for any type of situation.

They are comfortable to wear and gives high support due to its uppers that combine a lot of different materials.

They are performers on the field due to their durable 4D Advanced Chassis that gives you stability in any situation.

The laces are super and the weight is just enough to keep you nimble.

These shoes are built to last in any situation and you can rough them up long term and still expert top performance each and every time.


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