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9 Best Ski & Snowboard Pants for Tall People

Being a 6ft7 snow enthusiast, I know there’s not much worse than having a pair of pants that are too short whilst you’re up on the slopes!

We’ve scoured the web for the highest quality, affordable options for longer inseams in snow pants that you can shop today.

They have all been rated according to their FIT, WARMTH, WATERPROOFING, FEATURES and PRICE.

They’re split up in to MENS and WOMENS for easy navigation.


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9. Outdoor Research Men’s Plus Size Igneo Pants

Outdoor Research makes great quality products as a rule, so rest assured you’ll have a long lasting garment here.

With reviews reporting long sizing versus the size chart we’re pretty sure you’ll find these pants fit your taller frame without issue.

Inner leg zipped vents are an awesome addition we haven’t talked about yet and these tall ski pants deliver!

Higher price range with better features for the taller frame skier means you’d be well off picking up these pants if you’re a serious skier with dedication!

Pro Tip: Contact Outdoor Research to check on their warranty and guarantee.


8. Spyder Men’s Tall Ski Pants

So we’ve come upon one of the newer forces in the winter clothing world – Spyder. Lightly insulated with industry standard Thinsulate, you won’t really have to worry about overheating here, even though it would still be nice to see inner leg ventilation zips.

Detachable shoulder straps are great for adjustability, as we’ve talked about. Offered in many different sizing options (including “long”) means this ski pant belong squarely on our list. Spyder has built a good name for themselves over the last few years and I don’t think you’ll be steering wrong with these!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to wash the pants with a DWR treatment every couple of seasons to help shed water as the old treatment wears off.



7. Arctix Youth Overalls Snow Bib

Again, a bib style setup, perfect for the taller kids. This time the pants are directed straight at the youth and you’ve got a pair of bibs with super low price point.

Boot gaiters are a must-have and these bibs deliver! Insulated and reinforced ankle cuffs are icing on the proverbial bib-cake.

I’d wager these bibs are a solid choice for those kids who are growing quickly and won’t stay in the same set of ski pants for very long or those youth with gangly long legs. You won’t be out much money when they change sizes!

Pro Tip: Hand the bibs down to the younger kids as they grow in order to maximize use of these snow pants.



6. Arctix Men’s Essential Snow Pants

Arctix is one of the most popular ski gear brands on the market. It’s not hard to see why: they produce quality gears at dirt cheap prices. These Arctix Men’s Essential snow pants are carbon copies of that description, and, even better, come in a special size for tall skiers.

The sizing chart is spot-on, so tall skiers can rest assured of a perfect fit. For an even smarter fit, the boot gaiters help to adjust the ankle cuffs to a slim fit while still keeping the elements out.

Thermatech insulation in these pants keeps you warm in temperatures as cold as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Astonishingly, it’s lightweight and hardly restricts mobility.

Longevity and durability are guaranteed with its Thermalock tech and reinforced ankle, cuffs, and hem guards.

Pro Tip: Order a size up, or they might be a little restricting in the groin area.


5. Arc’Teryx Insulated Bib Overall

Arc’Teryx is not only known for relatively high prices, but also a tall and slender fit across almost all of their products. For this reason, you may find several Arc’Teryx products on our list.

Lightweight insulation in these bibs may be just enough to keep you warm and balance against overheating during those hard charging runs. Bibs are a good choice for taller people, as the shoulder straps help hold the pants in place.

Pro Tip: It’s hard to go wrong with bibs if you’re a tall or large size, they really help keep things in place and if you’re not feeling the overall look you can easily throw on one of our longline hoodies over the top.


4. Columbia Men’s Bugaboo II Longer Length Trousers

Nylon outer shell and polyester inner liner with polyester insulation is a pretty classic setup for these pants.

At a reasonable price point, even low, these pants are probably an excellent buy for the budget. Boot gaiters to keep out the snow is always a plus!

Pro Tip: Waterproof breathable membrane is nice but probably not necessary.


3. Arc’Teryx Beta Longer Inseam Pant

Coming from this company, you can be guaranteed to pay a heavy price. In this case well over $300 for this pair of pants.

The quality however speaks for itself…

Gore-Tex waterproof fabric in two different thicknesses, slim fit profile, and a longer inseam in general lend this well to our taller readers.

Pro Tip: Go with the light blue color, it just adds a little flair.


2. Dakine Stoker Bib Ski Pants

Although the price tag on any Dakine product, including these pants, are relatively expensive, you can rest assured they exude superior quality.

The Dakine Stoker Ski pants are completely cloaked in a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane. The tough and reinforced seams at the pressure points make these pants capable of lasting for seaveral seasons.

You’d think this toughness would make them stuffy, but it features an air-permeable inner layer that’s breathable in a wide range of temps.

Extra zipper pockets provide a safe and sufficient space for storing accessories like a smartphone, avalanche transceiver, ski pass, and health insurance card, just in case.

Again, detachable braces, more likely than not, make a perfect fit for just about any skier’s frame size.

Pro Tip: They are a bit pricy, but would last several seasons if you’re a dedicated skier.


1. Trailside Supply Co. Men’s Insulated Ski Pants

Trailside is a subsidiary company of Amazon.

Unless you’re a brick and mortar geek, you’d know Amazon always offers top-of-the-line products at unbeatable prices.

The fit and design of these Trailside ski pants, for instance, is an eye-pleaser compared to the slouchy look of most other brands.

As you’d expect, these pants are a great bang for the buck. The fleece lining is soft and effectively maintains warmth in frigid or cold weather. So, it’s good for hiking and not just skiing.

Also, the fit is highly adjustable thanks to its side elastic waist and belt loop. So, if the length fits well and you have a tiny waist, you’d still be good to go for a run in the snow.

Pro Tip: It’s cozy and soft in the cold but it becomes reverse in temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.




9. Columbia Women’s Arctic Trip Snow Pants

Here’s another value-packed option from Columbia. The Arctic Trip snow pants are better suited for tall slim ladies looking for a slinky fit that’s also non-restrictive.

For an impervious waterproof and better breathability, these pants feature famed Columbia Omni-tech technology. The only thing is, it doesn’t have a thigh vent/zip to stay cool on hotter days.

The bootcut design of these pants provides room for high-riding snow boots. Also, the boot gaiters do a good job of keeping out powder and staying dry.

An internally adjustable velcro waist makes the pants cinch in snugly on the waist. Most times, it isn’t even necessary to use a belt to get a snug fit.

Pro Tip: Not ideal for snowboarding or skiing on warmer days because of the lack of vents.


8. BenBoy Women’s Waterproof Slim Cargo Pants

These are arguably the most stylish ski pants for women, and one of the few that take a form-fitting shape.

Softshell polyester fabric with a little mix of spandex makes these pants water-resistant and windproof. These, coupled with the fleece lining means you’ll stay warm and dry in the snow.

The patchwork in the knees increases the longevity of these pants. What’s more interesting is that the patchwork becomes visually appealing when it’s sighted on the brighter coloured ones.

All in all, it’s an exceptionally good bargain for its value. It’s one of the least expensive products on this list, so you can pick up a few extra pairs to stay classy even if you have a tight budget.

Pro Tip:  The “C Pink” color adds a feminine finesse without being too girly.


7. Dakine Women’s Parkrose Snow Pants

Being budget Dakine snow pants, they surprisingly sport a lot of functional features that make them a must-buy, especially for tall and plumper skiers.

Fabric loops for powder skirt attachment, gussets, boot gaiters, and zippered hem vents ensure a pleasurable, warm, and dry experience.

Bear in mind that these pants are made of 100 percent polyester, giving them little or no stretch at all. To support this exemption though, they have a very accommodating fit.

More specifically, the Dakine Parkrose snow pants will fits curvy and plumper ladies without any restriction. This is because most women’s snow pants are usually cut straight or slim at the thighs, but not the Dakine Parkrose.

Pro Tip: If you have sizeable glutes that hardly fits most pants, you can’t go wrong with these pants.


6. Columbia Women’s Modern Mountain 2.0 Ski Pants

The Modern Mountain 2.0 is yet another pair of snow pants from Colombia on this list. It has become a hot-selling product over the past years, most likely for its amazing value, but also its availability in a myriad of colors – it comes in over a dozen colors.

Like the Arctic Trip pants discussed earlier, it has an internal waist adjuster, boot gaiter, gusset, and zipped pockets. They also both have Omni-Heat and Omni-Tech for insulation, breathability and for repelling water.

In general, the Columbia Mountain 2.0 ski pants have a much better fit for taller ladies than the Artic Trip. Of course, not unless you get your right (estimated) size.

Pro Tip: Order a size up to avoid potential sizing issues or make room for base layers.


5. Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants

As said earlier, Arctix makes extraordinarily affordable snow pants and it’s no surprise that most of their pants rank as one of the “most sold” today. These Arctix Women’s snow pants, alone, boasts of over six thousand purchases.

Basically, you are enjoying the same insulation, breathability, and handy features of the Arctix Men’s snow pants. The only difference is that these women’s snow pants have a higher waist and curvy shape around the thighs.

Arctix adds a snazzy touch for the ladies with over a dozen colors available to rock in the winter snow.

Pro Tip: Perfect choice for a skeptical skier or noob who isn’t exactly ready to pay top dollar for snow pants.


4. Slingbring Women’s Outdoor Fleece Lined Ski Pants

Singbring is a more or less a fledgling winter clothing brand, but you would be awestruck by the quality of their ski pants.

First, I’ll highly recommend these pants for slender ladies who love wearing form-fitting pants. It’s so far the slimmest fit I’ve seen, and to top it all off, it maintains an unrestrictive range of motion. The stretchy waist and belt loop ensures that the pants fit snugly around the waist.

Although they are straight and stretchy pants with a boot cut, boot gaiters are missing, which is essential for keeping snow out.  Nonetheless, there’s enough room to wear jeggings or a base layer underneath.

Pro Tip: These pants are the closest you can get to finding a “slim” fit in today’s ocean of baggy ski pants.


3. Spyder Women’s Winner Athletic Fit Pant

Offering a range of bright, modern colors, these pants will definitely make a statement. We’re looking at loud colors, tight fit, and stretch fabric. You might equate these to the “yoga pants” of the skiing world, if that’s your thing.

With a longer inseam sizing, these should be pretty darn good for the slim ladies with a fashion mind.

Less than thorough waterproofing means you’ll want to avoid those late season sprinkles, so just head in for a quick beer and let the showers pass in comfort.

Pro Tip: Keep it classy on the slopes, this fit and style of women’s snow pants are becoming quite popular within the last few years.



2. Outdoor Research Women’s Paramour Pants

These pants, again, rank in a little more technical than what we’ve seen so far. With a tall and slim fit, this is great for the tall framed lady.

Inner avalanche beacon pocket is a nice touch for those randonee or drop knee skiers out there looking for in bounds and backcountry gear in one package.

Very light insulation lends its self well to backcountry skinning.

Pro Tip: Snag these stylish pants if you’re looking for a more technical and reliable pant!


1. North Face Freedom LRBC Women’s Ski Pants Tall Sizes

Everyone can recognize The North Face name in the outdoor world. It’s a well-known brand which has managed to make its way on to common shelves – and usually lives up to a good name.

At a higher price point we’re looking for some improved performance from these pants. Waterproof / breathable is possibly a worthwhile investment at this price point. Integrated vent systems help with passive temperature management. Taped seams and light insulation make this pant probably worth the money but the real deal sweetener is the stretchy fabric – this will help you stay comfy getting your hips down on the snow for those shreddy carved turns.

Pro Tip: Look for these pants at a good price point and they’re very likely to be well worth your investment!



Bonus: Arctix Toddler Overalls Snow Bib (one for the growing kids)

Since we’re on a roll with bibs as a snow pant, you might as well arm the toddlers with some bibs and get them on snow.

Those toddlers are going to rapidly outgrow snow pants and won’t ever be on snow more than an hour or two at a time so don’t bother looking for super technical outer wear for toddlers. Leave them inside with a nanny if the weather is going to turn bad, they won’t have any fun out there.

Remember bibs are going to fit your kids as they grow taller for a lot longer than traditional pants.

Keep your sights set on budget minded gear for the little ones. Just make sure what you’re buying doesn’t fall apart in the first hour on the slopes.

Pro Tip: With a good instructor, kids can start to learn skiing or snowboarding at age 3 or, in rare cases, even earlier.



Want to read more. Check out our recent article about choosing the best snowboard for tall people. Also feel free to leave your comments, questions or suggestions below.

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