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Australian Tall Hoodies Range

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Australian hip-hop legends Bliss N Eso nailed it with their track happy in my hoody, because there truly is nothing comfier than rocking your favourite hooded jumper... and there's none comfier than our tall hoodie range!

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If you're interested in knowing a little bit more about who we are, as well as the careful design that goes in to making our range of mens tall hoodies than read on...

Long Hoodie Specialists

At Plus 2 Clothing we believe in doing one thing and doing it well...

We ONLY make longer length clothing.

It could be because we're exceptionally tall ourselves and got fed up with a wardrobe full of tops that didn't fit... Or maybe we just got sick of wearing pants on Sundays and wanted a hoodie with some versatility... Likely that it's a little of both!


Designed in Australia

Designed in Australia we wanted to give our outerwear range that boutique feel at an affordable up fashion shoot First and foremost we wanted our designs to be the comfiest longline hoodies out there so that meant not only getting the fit perfect, but also sourcing the highest quality soft cotton that we could get our hands on. Not wanting some wacky designs, we styled them with a modern, clean finish that doesn't have you covered in big slogans. Our tall hoodie range is 100% combed cotton. This is a softer,stronger and stretchier fibre than your regular cotton and you will definitely notice the difference. If you opt for one of our zip-ups we only use premium quality YKK zippers. We could talk a lot more about all the fine tuning and quality detailing that goes into making our range ideal for those of you that are vertically gifted. Instead though we thought the best way would be to send off one of our long hoodies to Australia's tallest man and get his seal of approval!

But are our Tall Sweatshirts any good for Skiing & Snowboarding?

The next obvious thing we wanted to test was the durability of our range. No one wants a jumper that's going to fall apart on them after a few washes.measley-snowboarding So we spared no expense running quality control tests and double stitching where necessary to make sure that they would hold up to the streets, snow and of course the ultimate test... chilling on the couch all weekend. Longer length hoodies have long been a choice for snowboarders and skiers alike. Not only do they have you looking steezy going down the mountain, they also offer practicality by helping to keep the powder out of your pants. Our winter range features an attention to high-quality stitching and the best place for us to put this to the test was on the infamous cattleman's jam rail at Mt Buller to make sure that our hoodies help up slam after slam! If you're worried about getting cold, fear not - at a heavyweight 320gsm our tall hoodie line won't have you freezing your tits off on the chair-lifts. If it's an exceptionally freezing day you can always pair them with one of our longline tees.

Our Tall Jumpers Won't Break the Bank

Lastly and most importantly we wanted to make sure that our XLT hoodies were affordable. They're all priced under $100 and what's more all come with free postage Australia wide. Just be warned that it might be worth grabbing your girlfriend one too whilst you're at it as they're notorious for pinching them and wearing them as oversized hoodie dresses! If you're wanting any further information or a closer look in to the detailing of our hoodies than check out the review video below.

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