You probs wanna know a bit more about us, right?…

“Like who the f#*k are these guys that made it their mission to rid the world of plumbers crack?”

We are Josh and Steve – Adelaide and Melbourne guys that were fed up with navigating brightly lit shopping centres/malls (whatever you wanna call them) trying to find t-shirts that were long enough.

So, on a warm summers day in 2014, with a couple of beers in hand (each), we devised a plan to design a new cut of t-shirt.



Whether you’re TALL and t-shirt needy or SHORT and t-shirt greedy – we got you!

For over 6 years we have been designing, testing and improving the quality of our classic tall tee.

We could go on and on about the attention to details in our tall tees…

About how comfy they are, how long they last, how well priced they are – blah blah blah.

But why bore you with all the things we already back with a 30 day money back warranty. 



Instead we’ve grabbed some feedback from recent customers:

Ollie from Sydney said “these shirts are just so f**king perfect, it hurts my soul. I want 200 more right now.”

Whilst Chris from Ashfield had these kind words to say “ripper quality like normal, my whole wardrobe is these things!”

We’d be lying if we said they were for everyone though…

Daniel from Melbourne called them simply “too long” then advised us he was “gonna give them to my nan as a nighty.”

If only Daniel was as cool as his nan… 👵😎


And then there’s our commitment to great prices

Not having a brick & mortar store has allowed us to invest more $$ in to comfier materials and having BETTER PRICES for you.



“made to last” is a term that’s thrown around a lot but we wanted to put our tees and hoodies in the hands of people that were doing some crazy s**t to see how they lasted. From pro-boarders to pro-ballers we’ve had our clothing put through the proverbial ringer to see how it stands up. and well, you be the judge for yourself 👀

Along with supporting our long-necked homies at the Giraffe Conservation Foundation,

we sponsor young legends doing their thing all over Australia. From basketball players to BMXers, MCs to snowboarders. No dream is too tall.

So if you’re doing cool sh*t and want us to support your journey, hit us up!




Where it all began… – 2014 Flagship Adelaide store (NOW CLOSED)

The guys behind the brand

We are Steve and Josh, Melbourne and Adelaide boys.

Besides having a keen interest in streetwear fashion and design, we love travelling and have covered every capital city in Australia to test out the beer, burger and beach situation, and a fair few spots beyond our own shores.

For the record, our favourites are an ice cold Red Horse Beer in the Philippines, a mammoth Burger Foundry meal in St Morris, Adelaide, and skating along Venice Beach in LA. Hit us up if you’ve got any better suggestions.

If you’re wanting to find out anything else about us, our clothing or what we have in store next – drop us a line on our contact us page.