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We are an Australian tall clothing label, specialising in longer length tees, hoodies and tank tops for the those of us that are vertically gifted as well as those that simply like their tees with a bit of extra length.

Unfamiliar with what tall tees are? A tall tee is a longer length t-shirt that differs from the typical American sizing of a t-shirt that you may be use to. Generally an American style tee is more generous in the width and less so in the actual length of the tee. Our tall tees are a more fitted t-shirt that still has enough room for you to move around in comfortably whilst still remaining a long tee from sizes small – xxl.

Besides being a tall clothing label our prime focus is on quality. Let’s face it the last thing anyone wants is to buy a t-shirt only to find that a day later it has come unravelled in the wash, or worse yet the dye has ran in to your favourite business shirt a day before a job interview!

We only use 100% cotton in our range of tall tees, hoodies and tank tops. Furthermore we use colour-fast dyes and pre-shrunk cotton so that you will not have to worry about getting stuck inside your staple black tall tee after you put it through the washing machine.

The average height of young men in Australia is 6ft according to recent studies, putting us as one of the tallest nations in the world. Plus 2 Clothing was started by two vertically gifted Australians who were fed up with not been able to find clothes that were long enough.

This is how Plus 2 Clothing was born and we remain Australian owned and ship from Australia.

It’s all very well and good to say your clothes are ‘premium quality’ or ‘boutique’ but what separates us from the pack is that we put our tall tees to the test every damn day. We are not just talking general use walking down to the local milk bar, rather getting our team of; basketballers, skateboarders, bmxers and athletes testing out all our gear to make sure that it keeps its shape whatever your hustle may be.

If you’re in Australia our gift to you is free shipping on all orders over $70. Shop our range of tall clothing online – speedy delivery for all orders placed within Australia. To access our free shipping make sure that you have at least $70 added to cart and when you are checking out simply select the free shipping option.