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Tall person problem number one – finding clothes that fit. Every guy and girl over 6ft has dreamt of walking in to a clothing store where the clothes are tailored for their height.
The shirts reach their waistline, the pants reach their toes and of course the shoes fit their feet. The kind of place that only exists in fantasy land. That or your so called ‘big & tall’ man store where everything is overpriced, oversized, out of fashion and smells like moth balls.
We’re planning on changing all that. Read more

Who designs the tees? We do! They’re custom made to our in-house specs and trialled for the street by us too. We make sure that we design the fit with you in mind and don’t cut corners by using inferior fabrics, thread, or printing methods.
Like our designs? Us too! The majority of our designs are drawn up ourselves, but we also like to get on board some great local talent too. There are some great emerging graphic designers in Australia and we love having the opportunity to work with them on new designs. Read more

We love our plain tall tees. They’re a wardrobe staple that can take you from your Nan’s birthday party to a night out on the town without anyone blinking an eyelid.
If there’s a better go-to outfit for any occasion than jeans and a plain tee, we’ve yet to come across it.
Our plain tall tees in black, grey and white are our most popular sellers – a crisp white tee and black jeans makes everyone look good – but come in an extended range of colours including red, navy blue, dark grey, and olive green for when you’re feeling like switching it up. Read more

There’s something about our prints. We listened to you guys and what we heard is we want some cool designs on your tees.
Our prints are fresh and originally designed by us as well as emerging Australian artists we’ve got on board.
Whether you’re after an original tall t-shirt, or one of our line of long-sleeved tall tees, then we’ve got what you need.
We do very limited releases of our prints so the chances of running into someone wearing the exact same thing as you is super unlikely. If you’ve got your eye on one of our printed tees then it’s best to grab it before we’re all sold out. Read more

Wtf is longline? Longline is that extra length in your top that you’ve been dreaming of. It gives you a slim fit so your tee isn’t twice as wide as you are. It also always covers your beltline.
When you put on a longline tee you’ll be comfy and covered.
Our tall singlets, tees and hoodies are made longline to give you the length you need without the width you don’t.
If you’re a tall dude, they’re a no-brainer. But they’re not just for tall guys. Read more

It’s all very well and good to say your clothes are ‘premium quality’ or ‘boutique’ but what separates us from the pack is that we put our tall hoodies and tees to the test every damn day.
We are not just talking general use walking down to the local milk bar, rather getting our team of; basketballers, snowboarders, skateboarders, bmxers and athletes testing out all our gear to make sure that it keeps its shape whatever your hustle may be.
Our clothes go hard because we do too. We’re sick of only getting a few wears out of cheaper tees and we’re sick of paying top price just to get some threads that last. We want to best of both worlds and we want you to have it too. Read more