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Being a 6’5″, 120kg, dude, it’s been hard finding a good fit shirt. Amazing quality, perfect true to fit and now i have replaced my wardrobe!!

Dan P / Northern Territory

After I bought 7 of your tall tees for $100 my house got broken into and they stole $3500 worth or shit including the tall tees except the 1 of them 😀 but the one I still have fkn love so yeah : )

T Hartley / Tasmania

These guys are brilliant, the threads are amazing and the price ticket is on point! So many shout outs and recommendations to all friends and family! 🙂

Ellie P / Victoria

Do you struggle to find tops that are long enough?

Us too! That was until 2014 when we decided to put an end to this problem once and for all.

At Plus 2 we design our tees long not wide, comfy not crappy and heavyweight not see through!

So whether you’re vertically gifted or not, we got a great range of tees, hoodies and long sleeves to suit your needs and budget!

Who designs the tees? We do! They’re custom made to our in-house specs and trialled for the street by us too. We make sure that we design the fit with you in mind and don’t cut corners by using inferior fabrics, thread, or printing methods.

Like our designs? Us too! The majority of our designs are drawn up ourselves, but we also like to get on board some great local talent too. There are some great emerging graphic designers in Australia and we love having the opportunity to work with them on new designs.

We also like to keep things limited edition where possible, especially when it comes to prints. We all know how lame it can be when you see a bunch of people out n about rocking the same top as you. With this in mind you might want to get in quick if you’ve got your eye on something as we tend to sell out fast.

Did we mention we’re Australian owned too? That means we’re not a part of some big overseas corporation trying to dodge their taxes. What we make goes back into the Australian industry. We ship our clothes from Australia too, because we know how guys shop and chances are, you need it for the weekend!

We love our plain tall tees. They’re a wardrobe staple that can take you from your Nan’s birthday party to a night out on the town without anyone blinking an eyelid.
If there’s a better go-to outfit for any occasion than jeans and a plain tee, we’ve yet to come across it.

Our plain tall tees in black, grey and white are our most popular sellers – a crisp white tee and black jeans makes everyone look good – but come in an extended range of colours including red, navy blue, dark grey, and olive green for when you’re feeling like switching it up.

Designed by us, they’re made from high quality pre-shrunk 100% cotton – which means they’re going to last the distance and definitely not shrink in the wash. The high thread count means they’re not going to fall apart like some of the tees we’ve come across.

Looking for a blank tall tee to print your design on? You’re in the right place, ours are perfect make up for screen printing your designs on.
So if you’re a creative-type you can let your mind run free. Make one of a kind tees for yourself or your mates, or start up your own label. Give us a shout for wholesale orders, as we do great rates for larger quantity orders.

There’s something about our prints. We listened to you guys and what we heard is we want some cool designs on your tees.
Our prints are fresh and originally designed by us as well as emerging Australian artists we’ve got on board.

Whether you’re after an original tall t-shirt, or one of our line of long-sleeved tall tees, then we’ve got what you need.

We do very limited releases of our prints so the chances of running into someone wearing the exact same thing as you is super unlikely. If you’ve got your eye on one of our printed tees then it’s best to grab it before we’re all sold out.

We’re inspired by upcoming trends but with our own spin on things. We’re inspired by what we see growing up in Aus, what we like in the sports arena, and what we appreciate in the music scene.

We support local artists with their own unique styles and we’re always on the lookout for up-and-comers to collab with.
We like to keep our prints a little more creative than most, so you don’t look just like everyone else. Our prints make a statement that you’re as unique as they are.
If you’ve got any killer ideas for what to bring out, or you’re an artist or know one, feel free to drop us a line.

The weather in Australia can be unforgiving at the best of times, don’t even get us started on cold Melbourne winters! It’s definitely a time to rug up, but for us taller folk it’s not just a case of throwing on that puffy George Costanza Gore-Tex jacket, no sir…

Been tall and finding a jumper or jacket that is long enough is a real struggle. Bomber jackets are generally too short, sweaters don’t cover your midriff and trench-coats too cumbersome. With this in mind we tailored up a range of tall hoodies and jumpers that will keep you warm throughout winter. Whether you’re heading up to go snowboarding or skiing and looking for a garment that will help keep the powder out of your pants, or simply looking for a great-fitting longer length hoodie to rock on the daily – we have you covered.

Not only is the quality great on our range of long hoodys and sweaters but they’re also available in a number of colours to suit your personal style. Best of all though… We don’t believe in paying hundreds of dollars for a tall jumper just because they’re endorsed by some celebrity – which is exactly why we’ve made our winter wear very affordable.

Wtf is longline? Longline is that extra length in your top that you’ve been dreaming of. It gives you a slim fit so your tee isn’t twice as wide as you are. It also always covers your beltline.

When you put on a longline tee you’ll be comfy and covered.
Our tall singlets, tees and hoodies are made longline to give you the length you need without the width you don’t.
If you’re a tall dude, they’re a no-brainer. But they’re not just for tall guys.

Longline tees are perfect for skating, snowboarding, or any other active sport. When you’re bent over doing tricks your tee is always going to cover you. If you’re a tradie, they’re the gentlemen’s antidote to plumber’s crack.

They’re also great for layering, if you’re feeling the chill and want a base for building on. Layer with hoodies, with your tee poking out from below, with singlets, for that street ball 90s look, or with a shorter tee, so you get to wear the tee you like, but with the extra length it just doesn’t have.

It’s all very well and good to say your clothes are ‘premium quality’ or ‘boutique’ but what separates us from the pack is that we put our tall hoodies and tees to the test every damn day.

We are not just talking general use walking down to the local milk bar, rather getting our team of; basketballers, snowboarders, skateboarders, bmxers and athletes testing out all our gear to make sure that it keeps its shape whatever your hustle may be.
Our clothes go hard because we do too. We’re sick of only getting a few wears out of cheaper tees and we’re sick of paying top price just to get some threads that last. We want to best of both worlds and we want you to have it too.

Our clothes are up to the challenge of going all out in the skate park, sweating your balls off and getting grubby at a festival, doing the hard yards out on a worksite, or backpacking with some Swedish chicks around South East Asia.

So be assured when you grab some of our gear that it’s going to give you exactly what you need without you needing to work in the mines to afford it!