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10 Best Tents for Tall People in 2020

Since all the tall camping enthusiasts out there enjoyed our recent sleeping bag top-10 list, we decided to go one step further in img-thingto helping make your next backpacking trip as comfortable as possible…

As a 6ft7 camping enthusiast, I’ve had my fair share of both horrible and amazing tent experiences over the years.

I have ranked the tents in order according to the following criteria:

  • durability
  • weather-resistance
  • warmth
  • setup
  • and of course length, to fit even the tallest of hikers.


10. ABO Gear Summer Habitat Tent

The ABO Gear model would be a lot higher on our list, if not for one serious limitation: it has no floor.

It’s a summer tent in the purest meaning of the term and is best suited for trips to beaches, meadows and other places with softer terrain.

Still, ABO Gear SHT possess a remarkable set of measurable (11.8- x 10 feet plus a 6’5 height) and a pretty reasonable price, considering the amount of people and fun the tent can accommodate on a soft summer night.



9. MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent

Hubba Hubba is almost the exact opposite of the 10th tent on our list. It’s as close to a classic light backpacking tent as you can find (weighs only 3 lbs. with poles, stakes and rainfly) and fits into a nice and handy compression sack.

It is very simple to set-up and definitely worth the price in terms of durability, quality of its materials and warmth.

Hubba Hubba is marked as a 3-seasons 2-person tent, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be a top-notch waterproof and windproof shelter, so don’t try to use it in rainforests or in high altitudes.

One more issue with Hubba is it’s relatively long at 7’0, but not massively spacious if you are bringing a heap of gear too.



8. Swiss Gear Falera Family Dome Tent

Falera Family Dome Tent is a rock-solid choice for casual hikers and backpackers, whose height is north of 6’3 and up to 6’7: the floor dimensions of the tent are 11 feet long by 9 feet wide by 5’10 tall.

That’s some good measurables to go with high-quality waterproof material, a number of nice little features like organizer pockets, E-port, and shoe pocket, and a great price.

It would’ve scored a lot more points in our rating, if the tent’s poles and stakes were a bit more durable.

Falera Family is also a not-so-perfect choice in terms of warmth: it’s holding up OK on most summer nights, but don’t try to use it in spring or autumn, unless you’re wearing some thermals or a longsleeve.



7. Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 1 Tent

Big Agnes is another tent that’s quite impressive in terms of its length (7’5) but is quite squeezing in terms its width (4’4).

Like it’s the case with Hubba Hubba, if you are not fond of solo hikes – try to find a very space-consuming hiking partner and don’t try to fit all of your gear inside, if you are not alone.

Other than space issues, the tent is borderline perfect for an experienced backpacker: it is a true 3-season tent, handles rains, winds and lower temperatures very well, and it’s also durable, easy to set-up and light, at 3 lbs.

BA UL1 is a bit up there in price, but the sum of its positives may very well outweigh it.



6. Lunar DUO – Outlifer

The Outlifer is arguably the lightest tent we’ve come across: its weight is only 3.5 lbs, which is very remarkable, considering the fact that the Outlifer is also durable as heck and scores high on all weather- and comfort related scales.

The retail price for this Lunar’s model will also surprise you in a nice way!

Size wise it’s 7’5(l) by 4’6(w) by 3’9(h) of cozy personal and weatherproof space.

The Outlifer would easily crack top 3 of our list if it wasn’t another tent for two that can only comfortably fit one bigger and taller person.



5. Coleman Instant 14- by 10- Foot 8- Tall Person Two Room Tent

The name says it all. At 14×10 feet the Coleman Instant is our record-setter.

As if it wasn’t enough, the tent is also has a high point of 6’5, which effectively makes it a hiking palace and a dream of a taller backpackers, who enjoy travelling with lots of friends and not having to lie down in the tent to put their pants on.

The tent is relatively easy to set-up, considering its size, will handle rains and winds just fine and comes at a reasonable price for such a cottage.

Of course, Coleman Instant has its drawbacks, and they might seem as big as the tent itself: when packed, it weighs around 43 lbs, which is still alright for short camping trips, but it is hardly a suitable option for a group of 3 or 4 backpackers.

Tip: Looking for further Coleman camping accessories? Check out our recent list of the best camping chairs for big&tall people here.



4. Suisse Sport Yosemite Tent

The Yosemite is a bit less of a luxury resort than the Coleman Instant, but it still is as big a tent as you can find, with 10 (l) x8 (w) x6 (h) feet dimensions.

The best of all, the tent can be divided in two separate rooms, which is an awesome feature if you want some extra privacy during your trip.

It is also a lot lighter than you think at just 14 lbs, very durable, easy to set-up and a great price tag.

The Yosemite is an awesome late spring – summer – early autumn tent, as it will keep you dry in the rain and warm on most nights, but its wind and temperature protection (like October night temperature) prevents it from being all-around perfect.



3. Columbia Bugaboo Four to Five-Person Family Dome Tent

The Bugaboo gets to our top-3 because of its solid wide base of 12×9 feet, a 6’2 height, high-tech material, that serves as a top-notch weather protection, but allows for great ventilation, and a number of useful features, like convenient foot lockers and various pockets.

The price for the Bugaboo is more than reasonable too.

But this tent stops at #3, because with all the advantages, you might face some issues setting it up plus the stakes and poles are not as durable, as we would’ve liked.



2. DuoMid XLduomid

DuoMid XL is award-winning and loved by tall campers for several reasons: first, it is really roomy, with 9×7’5×5’9 dimensions and a 90×45 inches sleeping area, which is comfortable enough for a 6’5 person with weightlifter-like shoulders.

With all that, the DuoMid XL is extremely light (1 lb), compact when packed and can handle harsh weather conditions with ease, which makes it a perfect tent for a hardcore hiking adventurers. (see our top hiking boots for big feet)

The only thing that holds the DuoMid XL out of the top spot of the list is its price: the tent itself combined with the floor, inner net, perimeter bug netting and stakes can amount to a hefty total, depending on the options you choose for your tent.



1. LightHeart Gear SoLong 6duos_lh

The top spot of our list of best tents for tall people is occupied by this masterpiece by LightHeart Gear. The SoLong 6 is literally so long (pardon the pun), it can comfortably accommodate even the tallest person, with the usable length of whopping 100 inches.

Aside from the incredible length, the SoLong is really easy to set-up, hard to break by almost any imaginable winds and rains, and it’s so light (1.75 lbs) that it won’t be a heavy burden in a long backpacking trip.

It is still up there in terms of a price tag with poles and stakes, but

  1. it’s really worth it,
  2. it is still cheaper than the second place DuoMid XL and
  3. the coolest thing about the SoLong 6 is that it is often custom made and has a ton of available color schemes, so you can really become a fashionable standout among hikers with an original and nice-looking tent.


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