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Top 16 Gifts for Tall People in 2017

Scratching your head about what to buy that tall person in your life? Whether you’re on the hunt for a birthday present, christmas gift or simply grabbing a tall mate something for their general awesomeness – we’ve got you covered.

Standing well above 6ft ourselves we’ve definitely encountered our own fair share of tall people problems that we wish could be solved. Unfortunately there is no product that’s really going to help us banging our head on stuff or looking less awkward in photographs, but what we can assure you of is that all these gift ideas for tall people are speaking from our own experiences of been vertically gifted and trying to make our lives that little bit easier…

16. A decent sized mugbig-hug-mug

Let’s start out this list where a lot of people likely start their mornings, with a cup of coffee. Naturally, big hands come with the territory of being a giant, coincidentally they’re also the reason we’re the only ones that can comfortably operate those massive iPhone 6+s but that’s another story… I was completely oblivious to the whole ‘small mugs/cups been an issue’ until my girlfriend purchased me an oversized mug last year. There is actually no way I would ever purchase a regular sized mug again. Not only does it feel a HEAP nicer to hold with larger hands but it’s also a lot more robust and best of all – holds more coffee!


15. Shower-head extender

In an ideal ‘tall world’ there would be a maintenance person that would come around to your house; raise all the benches, mirrors, doorways and showers to be more size appropriate, but unless you’ve got Lebron James kind of money that’s just unrealistic… There’s two reasons that a shower-head extender is a great present idea:

  • Your tall mate will now be able to stand under the shower rather than above it.
  • It’ll give you the opportunity you’ve been looking for to get to the hardware store and replace all those blown lightbulbs.

14. A bigger bedinflatable

This would no doubt be number 1 on our list, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s pretty darn strange buying a bed for someone else, especially on a whim. Truth be told though we’d all love to receive a bigger sized bed with a bow around it for our birthday. You’ll definitely earn yourself a massive hug for the awesome present, even if it’s quickly followed by a disappointed “I can’t fit a larger bed in my shoebox sized room”…

Our recommendation: If you’re looking for a more practical solution than purchasing someone a new mattress that costs a lot in transport why not look at some of these fast inflatable mattresses. They are close to 230cm in length so definitely long enough and also more practical than hammocks for taller people.



13. ChargeTech – 27000mAh Portable AC Battery Pack

The flexibility and freedom of going about your digital life without being stopped by lack of power is something most people still yearn for. Over the last few years, we have seen dozens of portable power supply packs capable of charging anything from a laptop PC to a mobile phone. Most of these have had their pros and cons. But from this ever-increasing arsenal of portable battery packs, the Chargetech has sort of stood out. Chargetech’s battery pack provides a consistent source of power so you can get going.

Flaunting a 27,000 mAh capacity, the Chargetech portable AC power supply has been quite something. It’s no wonder it was featured on NBC News, Wirecutter, and a number of other publications as one of the foremost battery packs of 2016.


  • Versatile – highly versatile, works with laptops, phones, lights, tablets, TVs, speakers, radios, etc. Works with any electronic device that requires 90 watts or less through a standard wall plug. Also equipped with USB charging ports so you can keep your smartphone or tablet juiced up.
  • Panasonic batteries – comes with the same high-capacity li-ion batteries used by Tesla Motor automobiles. Built by Panasonic, these batteries store more power and retain their charge for long.
  • Fingerprint-proof – features a tough, industrial-grade and scratch resistant housing that’s fingerprint proof. The oil resistant coating and elegant matte finish make this one of the most aesthetic portable battery packs available in the market.
  • Dual fast-charge USB ports – dual USB ports so you can charge more than one device (via USB) simultaneously. One full charge of this power source is enough to charge your smartphone battery 15 times over.

The Good

One of the most notable things about this portable battery pack is its large capacity (27,000 mAh). If you’ve used the usual less than 20,000 mAh, you can’t help but appreciate the difference. The 2.4 Amp USB ports are capable of recharging Apple devices and other electronics at full speeds. These ports glow blue while in use, which is unusual given that most other battery packs try to conserve as much power as possible.

Indeed, Chargetech’s battery pack has considerable advantages compared to most similar products. The accessory is sleek, long-lasting, and less restrictive. The sturdy construct means that you can get full service for a couple of years.

The Bad?

Chargetech requires that you fully charge their battery pack before you put it to use. This is a little bit of a weight, but no big deal. You should also make sure that all the LED indicator lights are on before using this accessory to juice your other electronic devices. Keep in mind that exceeding the intended wattage could lead to sporadic performance and void your warranty.


ChargeTech’s battery pack is an easy pick. You’ll love that you can carry this accessory anywhere with you and use it as needed. It charges your laptops and smartphones several times over and that makes a whole lot of difference. Overall, there’s no better option for on-the-go portable charging than Chargetech’s PPO battery pack.

12. Longer blanket

Whilst we’re on the subject of tall person problem numero uno of your feet hanging off the end of the bed, let’s look at a slightly more affordable alternative to buying someone a brand new king-size bed just to keep their feet warm at night. Blankets or doonas, duvets or covers depending where you come from… do come in giant-friendly longer length sizes so that your vertically gifted friend or lover will be able to keep their feet covered on those cold winter nights.

11. Laptop Stand

If you’re like a good majority of the working population and spend your days staring at a computer screen than you’re no doubt aware of how sore your neck can get if you’re hunching over for hours at end. Well spare a moment for all the tall office workers out there because the whole hunching / neck-craning problem is ten-fold for us. Whilst computer screen raisers are certainly nothing new, we are especially fond of the Roost Stand which is super lightweight and portable and offers a great solution to been hunched over your laptop for hours on end. I was given one of these brilliant contraptions just a few months ago and have not looked back. Folds up to be no larger than a 30cm length of garden hose and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 4.50.50 pm


10. Tall Cutting Boardtall cutting board

Whether you spend hours each evening preparing meals in the kitchen or are simply making some sandwiches to pack to work there is no denying that hunching over the bench is not pleasant! There are a whole host of contraptions that will make home life for taller people easier and one of our favourite is the raised tall-friendly cutting board. No more hunching over and best of all it’s easy to scrape vegetables or meat that you’ve chopped up off the edge in to a saucepan.

You can read more about the cutting board here.

9. Knee-Defenders (Airplane gifts)

This is a bit of a cheeky one really, but that’s what makes it such a great gift idea! You may have heard about them in the news in recent months but in case you haven’t we’ll explain. The knee-defender attaches to the back of the person in fronts aeroplane seat disabling them from reclining their chair at all. Whilst they are certainly a knee life saver for all the bigger blokes out there, they are also likely to cause an argument with the person in front so if you’re wary feel free to check out our other travel tips for tall people that might give you some gift ideas for your large friend.

8. Camping Gear

Is the friend that you’re wanting to buy a present for in to the outdoors at all? If so, there are a whole host of potential things to buy them such as:

  • longer length trekking/ski poles
  • tent with more height/length
  • bigger sized air mattress

Or if you’re looking for good sleeping bags for tall people we wrote a blog post about our favourite ones recently for you to check out.

7. Height Hat

What the heck is a height hat you ask? Don’t worry we were asking the same thing. There is definitely not a more annoying business-cards-giftquestion to be asked as a giant than “how tall are you exactly?” It’s not just the frequency that makes it an irritating question to be asked but more so the fact that no matter what answer you give, they will probe you for what that is in the old system. Give them centimetres and they will want inches, give them inches and they will want centimetres kind of thing…

The height hat is a novelty item and perfect if your friend who it is intended for has a sense of humour. It is simply a customised hat that has your height on the front of it to remove any chance of people asking you the question. Maybe it’s a good hat to wear out of the house when you’re hungover or don’t feel like talking to anyone. If your friend doesn’t wear hats then we have also seen similar novelty business cards.

6. Massage Voucher

This one doesn’t really need an explanation, who in their right mind wouldn’t love a massage voucher!? If your lanky friend suffers from back problems like a lot of us taller folk do than it would definitely be a great idea to research in to a massage parlour that specialises in back massages.

5. Big Chair

Usually when you hear people over 6ft complain about chairs it’s due to the legroom. Been cramped on buses aeroplanes etc. What you may not hear too often about but is definitely a serious issue is the actual size and proportions of the chair. Nowadays most of us spend a lot of time sitting down, whether it’s at work or when you come home to relax it’s a luxury to have a chair that accommodates for your larger torso and limbs.

Your tall friend would certainly appreciate you for buying them an office chair with a high back and deeper seat that is more comfortable for them to work from. They would absolutely love you on the other hand if you can afford to dig a little deeper in to your wallet and buy them one of those massaging lounge chairs…worth putting it out there anyway 😛

4. Extension Handles

This tall person gift idea is a bit more of a life-hack than one that you would expect to be recommended at your local department store. So what are extension handles you ask? If the giant in your life ever pushes a pram/stroller, wheels around a wheel-barrow or even a lawn-mower than this handy tip will help them from hunching over.

Te extension handles are similar to the ones that you would see on a racing bike and help extend the height of whatever they are pushing so they are not so hunched over – a life saver!

3. Tall-Fit Clothing

Of course we’re going to recommend tall-fit clothing as a great present idea. That’s not just because we specialise in it at Plus 2 Clothing but also because if you ask any big person what they struggle to buy in sizes that fit and it will surely top their list.

We carry a wide range of tall t shirts, hoodies and singlets to cater for your needs depending on what season it is. We also ship worldwide with great rates around the globe. Feel free to drop us a line on our contact us page should you have any further questions about making sure you get the sizing right if you’re buying clothing as a gift for someone 🙂


2. Big Socks

The safest option for any present idea (particularly for men) is always said to be socks and jocks and with sizeable people nothing changes… except of course the size of sock required.

If you’re over 6foot you no doubt have larger sized feet and some big sized socks will definitely be appreciated. The other socks that are great to have gifted but are rarely purchased for yourself are compression socks. These help taller people on longer flights with their legroom problems with helping the circulation of blood in your legs.

And finally our Number 1 Gift Idea for Tall People…

1. Extra Long Towel

This is a bit of no brainer really, if you’re a larger person you require a larger towel. All too often is the case however that people just make do with regular sized towels no matter their body shape and size. This is why it makes a great present idea because they have unlikely purchased one for themselves but will most definitely appreciate you making their drying routine after shower/bath/beach swim all that much more pleasant!

Have a better suggestion or question to ask us? Feel free to write to us in the comments section below.

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