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Tall Tees UK

Trying to find high-quality TALL TEES in the UK?

You’re in the right spot, here at Plus 2 Clothing we specialise in longer length clothing, in particular streetwear and casual-wear such as elongated tees, long hoodies and everything for the tall man’s wardrobe. Not tall? No problems, our longer length t-shirts are also perfect for anyone after a longer silhouette, a layering tee or simply like their t-shirts to finish past their pants line.

What’s best is that we have very affordable shipping rates to the UK and thanks to our friends at DHL can have your items to you within a matter of days. So whether you’re wanting printed or plain tall tees we have you covered.

We have even listed some of our great deals on blank tall tees below for you to check out. Or you can simply head to our store page to check out the rest of our range. Interested in placing a bulk/wholesale order? Check out our other great specials down the page.





If you’re based in the UK and are looking at starting up your own apparel line, clothing brand or even just adding tall t-shirts to your range than we have you covered. We are familiar with the UK fashion market and have supplied to both smaller and larger clients over in Europe in the past.

Our 100% preshrunk cotton tall tees are of the highest quality and are a heavyweight cotton, so perfectly suitable to the colder climate of the UK as well as ensuring that they keep their shape wash after wash.

We have a whole range of options when it comes to rebranding, printing and adding your designs on to our garments and they’re perfect for screen-printing on. We have a wide range of colours, styles and sizes available some of which are shown below.


Best of all we have very reasonable prices and great shipping rates to the UK. If you’d like to get in touch with us about a wholesale order please fill out the form and we’ll get straight back to you.



If you’re living in the UK and are still not sure about whether our range of longline tees are going to be right for you or not, we’ve put together a few things to consider first.

Vertically gifted? If you’re above 6ft and are often asked “how’s the weather up there?” than getting yourself some of our elongated tees really is a no-brainer. When making our clothes we’ve had tall people in mind since day dot. All our clothes are designed to be more fitted/elongated for the taller, slimmer build. We’ve tested them out on guys as tall as 223cm and they’ve fit perfectly, whilst still remaining popular for people with an average height that just want that extra length.

Layering tee. It’s no secret that it can get mighty cold in the UK. Scotland maintains an average year around temperature of 15 degrees celsius, whilst London is not much better at 16 degrees celsius. With this in mind it goes without saying that it makes sense to layer up. Long tees or under tees as they’re often referred to when layering, provide you with a longer base layer to then build on top of. Giving you a longer, in style silhouette that can easily be paired with a vintage bomber jacket, regular length printed tee or any jacket/sweater to give you a great in-style look.

The Slopes.

Tall tees have long been popular on the ski slopes. Not only do they give you a fresh silhouette but they are also more practical as they finish below your pant-line and help in keeping the unwanted snow out of your pants. Skiing and snowboarding fashion also helped influence our own tall hoodie range.

So if you have a trip planned to ski or snowboard somewhere in Europe or are even just hitting up one of the indoor centres in the UK than you definitely won’t regret getting yourself some fresh tall tees.

Have somewhere that you know that stocks a great range of longer length t-shirts in the UK? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave us a comment below with the store name.


2 thoughts on “Tall Tees UK

  1. Alexander Mclure says:

    Hi there guys
    My names Alex, a friend of mine and I are looking to start up a tall tee brand, Good Vybz Only, however right now we are looking to try and get some initial templates made so we can get an idea of how our designs will look on a real product. Is this something you can help us out with?
    Kind Regards

    • Steve Rogers says:

      Hi Alex,
      If you’re interested in ordering some wholesale tall tees please email us at wholesale[at]

      Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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