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7 Reasons You Won’t Regret Buying a Tall Singlet This Summer

Tall Blokes Rejoice we have finally released our 2015/2016 range of tall singlets and muscle tees. Like all of our range, they’re and elongated fit and perfect for anyone that’s vertically gifted or just likes their tops with that extra length. We’ve put together seven reasons why you won’t regret grabbing one of our extra long singlets for this Summer.


Looking Fresh – First and foremost they’ll have you looking fresh. Designed in Australia, we put a great deal of time in to designing what we believe is the perfect cut of longline singlet for the taller bloke. They’re a slimmer fit, but remain loose enough for you to go about your business. Longline tops are not only perfect for us taller guys but they are also in fashion at the moment, giving you more of an oversize fit that’s fresh and easy to pair with shorts, pants.


Carb Loading – Let’s be honest, Summer is a time for over indulgence. Whilst we do try to get out in the sun and sweat it out, a lot of the time we’re binging in Summer. Whether it’s eating far too much at Christmas time or drinking too many beers by the pool, Summer can often be a time where we gain a few extra kegs. As a bloke the last look you want is your beer gut hanging out the bottom of your top. Luckily one of our longer length singlets will help alleviate that problem.


Festival Season – Silly season is upon us. For some of us this means hitting the music festival circuit and dancing in the sun. Any tall guy that doesn’t mind hitting the dance floor will agree that it definitely isn’t ideal when you’re dancing with your hands up in the air and because your t-shirt is too short, you end up exposing your midriff. An extra long muscle tee or singlet will help keep your gut covered, as well as helping keep your pockets covered in crowds so pick pockets will also be deterred – if they weren’t already by your tall stature.


No Pants Required – We love the Aussie summer, but it can get bloody hot – especially if, god forbid, your air-con gives way. Rest assured if you’re home alone, don’t give a f**k or are simply having one of those days – you can easily lose the pants/undies whilst rocking one of our tall singlets and not have to worry about your junk hanging out.


His and Hers – Caution blokes, if you buy a extra long muscle tee or singlet top from us and have a Mrs, she will be most likely to pinch it and wear it as a dress. Depending on how you feel this can be a good or bad thing. Luckily as a taller guy it’s easy enough to put your favourite threads out of reach, on those higher shelves in your wardrobe.


Layering – Having a longer length top gives you the option of layering. You can wear the singlet as more of a undershirt and wear a t-shirt, button-up on top of it to give you that layered look that is in right now. It also gives you options to both go out/get in to the clubs whilst still able to strip down to just the singlet for when it gets too hot and sweaty.


Won’t Break the Bank – One of the most annoying things about shopping for singlets is generally you pay more for less. Boutique tank tops can often cost upwards of $70. With our range of tall men’s singlets, you’re getting more (length) and they’re all very reasonably priced.

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