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Tall Tees Canada

Struggling to find high-quality TALL TEES in Canada?

You’re in luck, we specialise in longer length tops, in particular – tall tees. We have a large selection of colours and styles to choose from, catering for both for tall people that need the added length as well as folks that like layering tees or that longline style that is currently in fashion.

If you’re just wanting to shop plain tall tees and want some great specials, check out our 3 and 5 packs below. Alternatively you can check out all our other styles included prints, cut&sews, long sleeves and more on our shop page here.








Looking at starting your own apparel company or already have one and are interested in adding tall tees to your range? We cater for both small and large size orders of wholesale tall tees Canada wide. You definitely won’t be disappointed in the quality of our longer length t-shirts as well as our very reasonable prices and shipping rates.

Our tall t-shirts can easily be rebranded as per your specifications as well as printed on should you want to put graphics on them. They’re 100% preshrunk heavyweight cotton and best of all we have a wide selection of colours for you to choose from, including but not limited to the colours shown below.


If you’d like to make an enquiry with us about a bulk order please fill in the form below and we will get straight back to you.

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For all the Canadian homies still uncertain about whether elongated tees are right for them we’ve put together a few reasons that might just change your mind below:

If you’re tall than getting yourself some longer length threads is a no-brainer. Just how tall? Our tees are specifically tailored with people over 6ft in mind. We have plenty of sizes to have you covered and have even tried out our tees on guys that are over 7ft and had them fit perfectly. You can check out our product pages for a more comprehensive sizing chart.

In style. Recently long t-shirts have been making a come back in a big way. Not only are tall people waking up and realising that regular length t-shirts look silly on them but there’s also a wave of fashion trend-setters adopting the style too. Canadians hip-hop icons Drake and The Weeknd are just a couple of names that have been getting around in longline and oversize look recently. Not only does it give you a trendy silhouette and easy to match with a pair of sneakers and jeans with.

It also opens up a whole new range of options with layering. Having a plain or striped longer length under tee is perfect to have as your base layer and then simply chuck on a bomber jacket, sweater or even a regular length t-shirt on top to complete the look. If you want to know more or see some examples of the styles that we recommend you can check out one of our blogposts here about it.

Snowboarding. Canada boasts some of the best skiing and snowboarding mountains in the world. Whistler, Big White and Lake Louise just to name a few. Why is this relevant? Snowboarding tall tees that’s why. Before they were popular with the likes of Kanye West, longer length t-shirts were predominantly worn on the slopes. Besides adding that steezy look, they also are very practical to wear to the snow. They cover your pant line and help prevent snow from going down your pants. Snowboarding was also a big influence on our own tall hoodie range.


If you have anywhere you recommend from Vancouver to Toronto or anywhere in between that stocks a great range of longer length t-shirts, tops or even pants be sure to let us know in the comments section.

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