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Cor3 Tall Tee Vs. Our Tall Tee

Recently we have received a bunch of enquiries from people, asking how the Foot Locker tall tees that are branded ‘Cor3′ or ‘Core’ differ from the ones that we stock. As it would turn out, some of the Foot Locker stores are no longer stocking their plain tall range and according to this Reddit thread they’re discontinuing with Cor3 tall tees.

We completely understand peoples concerns when one of their staple tees they’ve been wearing for years is harder to find or no longer available. Rather than simply telling you how our ones are better, we thought we would compare them in detail side-by-side so that you can determine whether our range of longer length tees will be right for you.

The Foot Locker Tall Teefoot-locker-office

Foot Locker first setup in Australia in 1999/2000 with a large range of basketball shoes, sneakers and sports wear. They were also one of the few places that stocked a range of plain tall tees. As such, they quickly established themselves as the go-to store for taller athletes.

They differentiated their tall cuts from regular ones with stickers such as ‘XLT’, for an Extra-Large size (The “T” obviously standing for tall).

Theirs Vs. Ours

Our comparison will showcase a LARGE size Foot Locker Cor3 tall t-shirts against one of our own plain tall t-shirts also in a size LARGE. Our one is blue/black, whilst their one is plain white.


First off and most importantly, lets take a look at the length and width of our respective t-shirtsfoot-locker-tall-tee

– Large size Foot Locker (FL) tall tee is 92cm in length and 60cm in width.

– Large size Plus 2 Clothing (P2) tall tee is 88.5cm in length and 56.5cm in width.






The FL one has a more oversized fit and their size Large would be the equivalent of our Extra-Large size. Whilst their one runs more in line with American sizing such as Champs tall tees ours is a slightly slimmer, more fitted look that runs more in line with other Australian tall tee sizings.

The necklines are quite similar. Both are ribbed crewnecks that have the same size opening.

Their tees have bigger arms on them, which in our opinion is a bit disproportionate to the body of their tall tee (see picture of white tall tee above).


Now let’s take a look at the make up, weight and overall feel of the t-shirts in comparison.

– Theirs is 100% cotton in a 180GSM weight.

– Ours is 100% combed cotton in a 180GSM weight. Combed cotton is a stronger and higher quality fabric. The cotton is treated before it is spun and gives it a much softer overall feel too.

Overall Quality:

When tried on both t-shirts have a great soft, heavyweight feel to them. Neither has that cheap and nasty see through look about them. It’s only when we go through the quality with a fine tooth comb that there are any differences between the two. 








Firstly the neckline on their one looks messy in our opinion. One of the lines of their stitching runs through the neck ribbing, leaving only one single line of stitching through the actual stitching. This is more susceptible to fraying/coming undone.


IMG_3616Turning the two tall tees inside out, there is a definite difference in quality of the stitching as you can see.

The Foot Locker one we looked at had a couple of loose threads as well as some very messy stitching on the inside. Obviously this doesn’t really affect the overall aesthetics or fit of the t-shirt but it definitely has an impact on the longevity of the garment.

Loose threads and poor quality stitching is definitely more likely to get caught on stuff and come unravelled a lot sooner.

We also ran both garments through a cold wash cycle (as recommended on the labels) to see how they were after washing them and to look in to whether there was any shrinkage (note that on all 100% cotton garments, even if they’re pre-shrunk fabric – minimal shrinkage will still occur).

– FL one shrank by 9mm after first cold wash cycle. We would expect that it would not shrink any further though.

– Our one shrank by 1mm after first cold wash cycle. Again this is to be expected on first wash of a 100% cotton garment and does not shrink with every wash. On previous washing tests with ours they have experienced anywhere from 0-4mm in shrinkage which is to be expected even for very high end fashion cotton garments.

Finally, the price:

Both tall tees are priced at $24.95 each.

The Foot Locker store we purchased from didn’t have any kind of discount for purchasing more than one. Where as with our ones you can quite easily grab a 3 for $50 pack or 5 for $80 pack that has fast postage Australia wide. If you want to check out our large range of colours and styles available, including prints – head to our shop page.

We also note that their t-shirts have a screen printed neck which is fine, unless of course you are wanting to do some of your own printing/rebranding.. If you are looking to start your own label at all you can buy wholesale tall tees directly from us at great rates.


Lastly, we did also note that at the time of the comparison (January 2016) that Cor3 tall tees were no longer available on the Foot Locker website.
Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 3.21.38 pm


Hopefully this comparison has been useful to you. Feel free to comment if you have any other questions about the similarities or differences between the two brands tops.


9 thoughts on “Cor3 Tall Tee Vs. Our Tall Tee

  1. Matiu Taahi says:

    Good read. I have always brought a 2xl talk tee from footlocker and I’m saddened that I can no longer purchase them! I have had a look at your range and really like the designs, but the size is a bit small for me. Would you guys ever consider making your range bigger? Us “Larger than Life” guys want to look cool too!!! It seems nobody wants to cater to our needs except lows!

    • Steve Rogers says:

      Hi Matiu, thanks for reading. We have up to 2xl in stock at the moment and for Autumn are bring out a 3xl – hopefully that has you covered 🙂

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