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HoMiE – The Melbourne Streetwear Store That Gives!

We’re proud to announce that Plus 2 Clothing is now stocking our range of longer length clothing at Melbourne Streetwear store HoMiEIt’s the new initiative from the guys behind Homeless of Melbourne, where every time you purchase an item of clothing you’re helping tackle the social issue of homelessness in Melbourne.

HoMiE’s recent store launch party.

How does it all work? With every purchase made, HoMiE donates an item of clothing to a personexperiencing homelessness in Melbourne. The items of clothing that are donated range from a pair of socks all the way up to warm winter coats – essentially the more you spend in store, the greater the value of the item/s donated.

HoMiE facilitates this system of donating clothes through VIP shopping days. Every Wednesday, agency approved Melbournians, who are experiencing homelessness, are able to pick and choose items of clothing they want in store, free of charge. HoMiE doesn’t just stop there though; on these VIP days they also offer free haircuts, make-up, coffee and job-skill workshops – all put on by volunteers.

This great initiative makes it really easy for young people to shop brands they know and love, happy in the knowledge that they are giving something back to the community. What makes us even prouder to be a part of it all, is that it the whole concept was co-founded by our original Plus 2 Clothing model, Marcus Crook.

Melbourne Tall Clothing Fashion
Marcus Crook modelling for Plus 2 Clothing.

When Marcus isn’t working a camera (either in front of or behind) or dominating on the footy field, he’s a dedicated philanthropist. Already having ridden across Cambodia on a bicycle to raise money for charity, in 2014 Marcus, along with friend Nick Pearce, set about on a new mission, to raise awareness on an issue close to their hearts – homelessness.

Homeless of Melbourne all began when Marcus was working part-time retail in the city. During his lunch breaks, Marcus became increasingly curious about the beggars that often line the pavements of Swanston Street.

Who were they? What were their stories?

We’ve all walked past these people before, maybe thrown some change their way or read their signs and felt sorry for them, as we walk away. But not too many of us can actually say we made an effort to stop, listen, and hear what they have to say.

Marcus decided to make a point of chatting to them and, with their permission, capturing their portraits. Their often weathered faces tell a story in itself of the harsh reality of doing it tough on the street. Coupled with an interview, the Homeless of Melbourne Facebook page gives us a great glimpse in to the interesting lives of the people living on our streets.

Plus 2 Clothing, now stocking at HoMiE.

Homeless of Melbourne has steadily grown in to one of the highest trending Facebook pages in Melbourne, and it provides a great way to lift the lid on the social issue of homelessness. It also gave Marcus and Nick the opportunity to run a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds they required to setup, the great initiative that is the HoMiE streetwear store.

Marcus and Nick, along with the help of co-owner Robbie Gillies, have managed to turn, what was initially intended as just a one month pop-up shop, into a thriving streetwear store. As you would expect the store has a real Melbourne vibe about it, including hand painted wall murals, a nice little milk crate furniture chill-out area and of course topped off with a coffee machine.

You can shop our range of tall tees, tall hoodies and snapbacks at HoMiE which is located on the second floor of Melbourne Central. They also stock a wide range of other up and coming Melbourne streetwear labels, as well as more practical outdoor wear brands, to help cater for those living on the streets through this freezing Melbourne winter!



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