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Cheap Longline Tees

If you’re on the hunt for cheap longline tees to freshen up your 2016 wardrobe look no further. We stock a wide range of premium quality longline tops at a fraction of the price that you would expect from a boutique clothing store.

Before we get to showing you off some of our picks, let’s take a look at just what exactly longline means. In fashion longline describes taller fitting clothing. Essentially any item of clothing with an elongated silhouette to it or longer in length. Whilst there are some subtle differences it is also sometimes referred to as elongated or oversized clothing. It’s a relatively new term in the streetwear/high fashion scene and breathes new life in to classics like our tall tees as well as fresher items such as longline bomber jackets, longline hoodies and longline tank tops.

There are basically three reasons to love longline fashion:

  1. If you’re a tall bloke like us it’s like everything is perfectly tailored for your height.
  2. It opens up a world of layering options to you such as hoodies, bomber jackets and regular length tees on top.
  3. T-shirts that are too short suck.

The biggest problem with wanting to add some style to your wardrobe this season with longline tees is that a lot of them are made exclusively for the fashion illuminati with outrageous price tags and are simply unaffordable for the average bloke.

Luckily we’ve got you. Without further ado here are five of our picks to freshen up your wardrobe in 2016.

Black Longline Tee

IMG_1862Black is always the new black. It also literally goes with everything and is very easy to style with other garments. Whether you’re going for that an ‘all black everything’ look or simply want to rock it with some basic jeans or chinos, black will always have your back. The only downside to black is of course that it gets incredibly hot wearing black if you’re out in the sun skating or working out. Our range of long tees are 100% cotton which makes them breathable and the better option than polyesters in the hot weather.

Now that it’s Autumn, why not up your fashion game with a layering look. All you need is a shorter garment on top, whether it’s a regular length tee, a bomber jacket or a sweater – all can give you a fresh looking silhouette for 2016.

Grab one direct from our SHOP page for just $24.95 or in a bundle (3 for $50) or (5 for $80).

White Longline Tee

bwm4Even though it’s on the complete opposite end of the colour spectrum, white shares many similarities to black. For starters they both should be staples in any persons wardrobe. They also just happen to be the two most versatile colours/shades. It’s a classic look, rocking the white tee with denim and continues to remain a fashionable look today. White also contrasts great with black, such as pairing a white tall tee with some black jeans. We could go on and on all day about all the different possibilities of a white tee but we won’t bore you with the endless possibilities.

What we have taken the liberty of doing though, is putting together a helpful guide on how to keep your white tees staying white, wash after wash.

Heather Grey Longline Tee

Panashe XL 1
Heather grey otherwise known as grey marle has long been a staple colour/fabric, particularly in sports wear. The classic American university sweatshirt was often made in heather grey and still is to this day. A heather grey long tee won’t wash out your skin tones as much as a regular grey t-shirt would. The two-tone style colour will add a bit of depth and also compliment other colours that you wear with is such as straight blacks and tans.

Tan Longline Tee

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 6.19.32 pm2016 streetwear is all about sandy and neutral colours, as is fashion in general according to the recent Pantone fashion report. Light browns, camels and other neutral tones all pair well together as well as going nice with greys, blacks and even blues.

If you’re wanting something a bit different from the regular black or white long tee but don’t want anything too bright, than our tan long tee could just be the upgrade your wardrobe was looking for.

You can grab one directly from our tan long tee product page, also be on the look out for more great sandy/neutral tone tees dropping later this year.


Navy Blue Longline Tee


Navy blue is another timeless colour that is versatile and can be the perfect alternative to when you’ve felt like you’ve worn black or white for the last month straight.

A navy blue long tee will pair nicely with denim jeans, as well as black pants or tan coloured chinos. Blue will also work well with cremes and oranges if you’re looking for colours to pair.

If none of these colours are for you, we’re forever adding new colours and styles to our longline tee range for you to check out. If there’s something in particular you’re after like maybe a purple or camo tall tee feel free to comment below and we’ll do our best to make it happen 🙂

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