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2016 Long Sleeve Tall Tee Styles

We have plenty of fond memories from the 90s, along with plenty that we try to forget about like fat tongued shoes. Undoubtedly one of the best fashion pieces of the 90s was the long sleeve tee, back when brands like Hang Ten and Wet Paint were dominating the scene in Australia. The long sleeve tee was a staple for both girls and boys and was perfect for those mild Autumn and Spring days. Since we grew up in the 90s we’re very excited by the whole resurgence of 90s fashions that are coming back at the moment (well most of them, the skivvy and turtleneck are probably best forgotten about).

It would only be right to take you back on a trip down memory lane to some of the first long sleeve designs and right up until present day with the 2016 styles that we’re starting to see.

Acceptable in the 90slong sleeve tall tee will smith

The 90s was all about loud fashion. Bright coloured overalls, Cross Colours, Reebok Pumps and Hypercolor Tees were all the rage. The 90s also have rise to the whole streetwear/hip-hop movement. Everyone was rocking the likes of Fubu, Karl Kani and Starter jackets that our favourite rappers endorsed at the time.
That decade would also see the rise of Will Smith in the hit tv show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air who would quite often wear long sleeve t-shirts in varying colours and styles.

The concept of the long sleeve was certainly nothing new, but it definitely has a 90s vibe about it today. It has also played host to a whole lot of styling options over the years that we’ll take you through.

Long Sleeve Tall Tee


Fast forward to 2016 where we seeing a lot of throwback 90s styles back in. Bucket hats, tall tees and bomber jackets to name a few.

Why does the long sleeve tall tee work so well? Not only does it give you that elongated silhouette and add some street style to an otherwise classic look, it also opens up a wide range of layering options. A long sleeve tall tee can be easily worn as a base layer tee to wear another t-shirt or outerwear over the top of.

Besides our printed range, we also have plain black long sleeve tall tees and plain white ones dropping in Autumn 2016.

Curved Hem Long Sleeve Teelong sleeve stripe tee curved hem

Another popular 2016 streetwear style is the curved hem long sleeve tee otherwise known as scallop finish due to the nature of the way it’s finished at the bottom.

Not only does the curved hem line add style to the t-shirt, the different shape also works well with layering different hemlines – as is a popular trend at the moment. Whether it’s side-split seams, side zippers or even the trending fishtail styles that are around at the moment.

Some tall long sleeve tops will also end the cuffs with ninja style thumb holes (referencing traditional Japanese attire). These style cuffs are also perfect if you snowboard or ski to help keep the snow out.

Our tall striped long sleeve tee is another addition to our 2016 range. Be on the look out for it in our Autumn release.

Long Sleeve Long Tee

At Plus 2 Clothing we specialise in tall and long tees and we’ll be releasing a range of blank long sleeve long tees in Autumn 2016. If you want to stay in the know we recommend you sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of our home page or alternatively stay up to date with us on Instagram here.

If you’re looking to place a bulk order, we offer wholesale long sleeve tall tees in a number of colours at a very affordable rate and worldwide shipping. Perfect for adding to your own apparel line and can quite easily screen-print your own logo on to them if need be.

Long RaglanScreen Shot 2016-03-08 at 6.27.37 pm

One of the other popular styles of long-sleeve tops from the 90s is the classic raglan tee.

Featuring non-traditional sleeve hems that go across the front/back of the t-shirt and traditionally having 3/4 sleeves the raglan came in a variety of colours and was a great sports / streetwear cross-over.

If you’re after a long or tall raglan tee we have some good news for you. We do have one in the works, but unfortunately it’s not likely to drop until later in 2016. We’ll be sure to update this post once it’s on our store page.

Layered Long Sleeve TeeScreen Shot 2016-03-08 at 6.41.05 pm

Lastly, if you grey up in the 90s you will most definitely remember every kid having one of these in their t-shirt lineup. The layered long sleeve tee was essentially just a regular t-shirt but had long sleeves sewn in to it give the effect you were wearing layers.

Pretty much the look that every skater kid was going for in the 90s and would often feature contrasting coloured sleeves, this look can easily be achieved by pairing a long sleeve top and a regular tee if you’re struggling to find one of these bad boys.


Hopefully this article has been useful to you in taking you on a trip back down memory lane, revisiting some of the staple 90s long sleeve styles as well as some that are new to this season. If you have any questions, please comment below or get at us on our contact us page.

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