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Adelaide Skate Trip

Recently our Melbourne team riders Josh Hodge & Ash Cochrane hopped on a plane to come check out our new Adelaide store. Distracted by how skate-able Adelaide airport was, it wasn’t until the guys realised that they didn’t bring any spare clothes – that they eventually decided to make their way to the store. Fitted out with some fresh tall tees; Hodge & Roachy decided on their first spot to hit up; Paradise skatepark. Disappointed with the false advertising of Paradise and relentlessly hot weather – Hodge decided to get on to his mate Davey (A Dead Silence) to bring us a slab of the local. A few days and many West End Draughts later – the guys were on their way back to Melbourne. The following video is everything that happened in between:


Massive thanks to Jake Halfhyde for editing it all together and to Mr Hill & Rahjconkas for letting us use their track.

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