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Tall Tees Adelaide

[UPDATE: our pop up Adelaide store is now closed: feel free to still shop online though or check out our other stockists]

Plus 2 Clothing – Tall Tees Adelaide Store – Now Open

Fact of life – we all need clothing, at least if we ever want to leave the confides of our own home and not be scolded at. Tall people also need clothing, and on the contrary to popular belief not all tall people are basketball players that want to rock basketball jerseys 24/7. Some of us want just want regular ol’ clothes that fit, that for anyone who has ever shopped for a tall person would know, can be quite difficult at the best of times. Most clothing brands these days stock sizes that go up to the XL’s and XXL’s however these do not actually get that much longer, rather they get wider and wider and as a tall person we are still left with a garment that looks like a potato sack, and worse yet once it’s gone through the wash a couple of times regular tees generally don’t even reach our waistline. This is where Adelaide’s newest Tall Tee clothing label Plus 2 Clothing comes in.

Adelaide? Probably not the city in Australia you would associate with fashion. Overlooked as nothing more than the ‘city of churches’ Adelaide gets a an unfairly bad wrap when it comes to anything new and exciting, but let’s take a trip back down memory lane to 2004. You couldn’t attend a house party without hearing ‘Nosebleed Section’ cranking over the stereo. There was also a good chance wherever you were in Australia that the brown paper bag you were carrying had a Coopers sparkling ale in it (let’s face it, it got the job done), that or a Farmers union iced coffee – depending on what day of the week it was. Fast forward ten years to today where there is an abundance of Aussie hip-hop, craft beers and more iced coffees getting around than cows. What more could a city with so much good hip-hop, beer and iced coffee possibly need without being greedy? A tall clothing store. For years the tall man living in and around Adelaide has struggled to find anything with the right amount of length, be it jeans or tops and if you are lucky enough to find somewhere generally their clothes lack any kind of character or may have been fashionable in 1980. For a lot of tall people sometimes this was a problem they didn’t even realise existed until we cropped up; Plus 2 Clothing – Adelaide’s first speciality casual wear store for the tall man (and all those that just like their clothing longer).

So what exactly is Plus 2 Clothing? Designed in Australia, we’re a fashion label for men, specialising in (as you have probably guessed by now) tall clothing. We sourced premium quality cotton for our tops that are primary streetwear / casual however we definitely don’t like to pigeon hole ourselves as we are ever expanding our range. Since we are not about heavy prints and covering our t-shirts in slogans and advertising our clothes are very versatile. They are perfect to take to the street if you’re a basketball player or skateboarder, but also smart casual enough to layer with other clothes, be it a shirt or a bomber jacket for a clean look. Further more with tall singlets & tall hoodies under our label as well we have the tall man covered all year around.

What sets us apart from other so called ‘big and tall’ man stores in Adelaide is not only the fact that we keep our items fashionable, nice fitting and with high quality cottons but also that unlike most boutique shops we keep our prices affordable. Let’s face it no one wants to walk in to a store and buy a basic long tee for $80 just to pay off the brands advertising billboard at the airport. We are definitely not about overpriced tall t-shirts at Plus 2 Clothing, we have very affordable prices, a great range of colours and styles, specials all year around and even discounts if you are buying more than one tall tee at time to fit out your wardrobe.


Shop 15, 136 North Terrace Adelaide, South Australia 5000 (next to bean bar)

Phone: +61 8 8221 6427

Plus 2 Clothing

Our tall clothing store is located in the heart of Adelaide. We are across the road from the Casino, and very close by to the train station on North Terrace. Although not one of the main shopping precincts, we are only a short walk from Rundle Mall and conveniently located right next to Bean Bar if you want to pop in and say hello w

Tall Clothing Store Adelaidehilst you’re waiting on your coffee.

We have managed to find the perfect balance between boutique style clothing that you would find on the likes of Chapel Street in Melbourne without the hefty price tags that usually come with those more boutique stores. Our focus besides quality extra-long clothing is customer service. We understand that this may be your first time buying tall fit clothing and you are unsure what size you will be. That’s why we have a great team of staff that are experienced in fitting the taller man or just those that like their clothing with a bit of added length.

The shop is fit out with a change room and full length (tall person friendly) mirror so you can try on our clothes to make sure they fit properly. We know you will be thrilled with the fit and quality of our tall tees, but we do also offer exchanges and refunds.

Gift certificates are also available, so if you are after the perfect gift for that tall man – then look no further.












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