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Our Longline Wishlist

If you’re not familiar with the streetwear term longline fashion it essentially is just a piece of clothing thats more of an elongated fit such as a black tall tee. Longline tops are generally aimed at people who are after that longer silhouette or interested in layering pieces on top of one another, but to us tall folk they finally give us some options of clothing pieces that are long enough.

Here at Plus 2 Clothing, we already specialise in longer length clothing and are always growing our range to cater for the needs of our tall brethren. Been tall ourselves we know first hand the struggles of shopping for pieces that are long enough for our torsos or legs. We thought we’d put together a dream list of items, and who knows one day we might even design some of these up for our own range…

Tall Chinos

Every vertically gifted person is all too familiar with the problem of trying on a pair of pants and them not been long enough. This is particularly evident with chino pants, which are often also finished off with an elastic cuff around the ankle. To tall people this elastic cuff is never going to really work, as soon as you sit down it’s guaranteed to shoot half way up your calf – that’s if they even reach your ankle in the first place.

Don’t get us wrong, they’re are definitely some big and tall pants stores out there that stock mens tall chinos but they’re usually either really expensive or outdated styles.

Costumes For Tall People

If you’re above 6ft and ever been invited to a dress up party than you’ll no doubt know the struggle of finding a costume that fits. Whether you’re trying to cheap it and borrow one from a mate or go all out and rent one from a costume store – you’re options are often limited to Gandalf the Grey, Frankenstein or should it come to it a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man!

It would make it an awful lot easier for us tall folk if chucking on a basketball jersey and going as “basketballer” was socially acceptable or didn’t look like you had made zero effort. We’d definitely love to hear from you guys though with some tall costume ideas that won’t break the bank – let us know in the comment section at the bottom.

Band Merchandise

As if tall people at concerts getting scorned at for blocking peoples views wasn’t already enough, we also have to deal with the fact that generally band merchandise generally doesn’t fit us. If you’re lucky enough to find one that does, give it a couple of washes and yep, it’s thrown in the too small basket as well.

We’ve been lucky enough to do some tall tee band merchandise of late and if you have a band or are a musician feel free to get in contact with us over on our wholesale tall tees page to sort something out.

Longline Bomber Jackets

longline-bomber-jackets-nbaWith winter approaching in Australia it’s definitely time to start layering up. Thankfully we have a new range of tall hoodies coming your way, but what we’d really love to get our hands on is some throwback bomber jackets that were longer length.

Longline bomber jackets are kind of becoming a thing as bomber jackets come back in to fashion and who knows maybe we’ll even add one to our range in the near future. What we’d be more interested in though is finding a more slim fitting 90s style bomber that had enough length without having to go up to a 2XL and have it billowing out too far. We’re thinking something like a retro Seattle Supersonics bomber jacket but we’re probably dreaming…

Tall Man Suits

When it comes to first world tall people problems finding a suit that fits would be right there at the top of the list. Getting one tailored up in Australia is expensive but who knows maybe if you have a job that requires a suit you can afford one. For most of us that just require a suit on special occasions such as weddings, racing carnivals and the odd job interview it’s generally not justifiable. In fact it’s probably cheaper to jump on a plane to Thailand or Bali and get one tailored up there than it is to get one made back home.

Long Button Up Shirts

To continue on from the tall man suit issue, it would be another dream to be able to walk in to a shirt store and find a button up shirt that had enough length so that it would stay tucked in to your pants. That and the fact that the sleeves rarely reach your wrist and you are constantly having to roll them up so the shirt doesn’t look too ill-fitting.

In fact this has become enough of an issue to us at Plus 2 Clothing that we’ve decided to do something about it! You can expect to see a tall button up shirt range dropping some time in 2016.

We’ve also just recently dropped our range of long sleeved tall t-shirts which you can check out below:


Tall Man Ties

Since ties are fairly adjustable this one is probably only really an issue if you’re over 200cm but finding a tie with enough length when you’re this tall is definitely a big problem. Having a tie that’s too short just looks dorky and whilst we would generally suggest to just wear a suit over the top so people can’t notice, that probably isn’t an option – yes, because you probably don’t have a suit that fits properly either…

Luckily there’s the bow-tie, whilst not necessarily suitable for job interviews – this bad boy doesn’t discriminate and is suitable for people of all heights and sizes.

Step Brothers job Interview Bowties

Longline Jersey


Thankfully one of the easier items to shop for as a taller person is basketball jerseys. They are readily available with an extra couple of inches in most shops to allow you to either tuck it in to your basketball shorts or let it hang loose if you prefer.

But what about hockey jerseys, football jerseys and baseball jerseys? Well luckily we recently just released a very limited edition longline baseball jersey that you can shop direct but the other ones generally come in more an oversized fit rather than with added length.


So there you have it, our wish list of clothing items that we wish were easier to find in longline styles. If you happen to have anything to add to our list that you’re struggling to find or even if you have a suggestion of where to find one of the items on the above list please let us know in the comments section below.

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