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Differences between a Tall Tee and a Nightie

Sure, some people don’t unightgown_answer_1_xlargenderstand the fashion behind tall tees – and that’s just fine.  Tall tees aren’t for everyone.  Tall Tees make a particular fashion statement that some people aren’t comfortable with.  They are a rejection of the mainstream, an embrace of uniqueness, and a thumb in the eye to conventional fashion wisdom that says you have to pay a fortune to dress nice.  A tall tee is intentionally dressed down, even more casual than a tee shirt yet somehow more appropriate as a fashion item because it draws attention and encourages everyone to comment.  Tall tees are polarizing, and they lead people to say some crazy things.
But let’s get one thing straight – Despite some superficial similarities, a tall tee is NOT a nightie.


Tall Tees are worn by everyone from hip hop stars to professional athletes.  The snowboarding gold medalist at the last Olympics wore a tall tee, and so did Jay-Z in his most recent tour.  Tall tees accentuate your personality while tying you to the deep history of the urban movement that inspired them, the cultural expression of a people that felt maligned and under-exposed. A Tall Tee is worn by cultural activists and visionaries. A tall tee is worn by people that want to change the world.


Nighties are worn by your grandma.  A nightie is worn by your girlfriend when she has the flu and doesn’t want to leave the house.  A nightie is what you wear when you just “can’t fit into those jeans.”


Tall Tees are what you put on when you’re ready to take on the world.  A Tall Tee is a “take no nonsense” wardrobe choice that tells everyone that you’re living in the moment.  A Tall Tee empowers you to take life by the horns, and it gives you the flexibility to dance and party all night.


Nighties are what you put on when you have given up.  Nighties are what you wear when you’ve decided that you’re going to finish all the ice cream in the freezer, and then maybe you’ll watch “The Notebook” or a re-run of “Real Housewives”.  A nightie gives you the flexibility to cover yourself in blankets and cats.


If you wear a Tall Tee to a party, people might think you’re a famous basketball player.  If you can avoid the people asking for your autograph, you’ll have to fight off adoring females that suddenly are drawn to your mysterious and “rule breaking” appearance.  Tall Tees are perfect for all types of occasion, and they can be layered with a variety of different accessories for virtually any type of look.


If you wear a Nightie to a party, people will think that you’ve escaped from the mental hospital.  If you can avoid the people trying to catch you with nets and straight-jackets, you’ll have to fight off people trying to give you spare change because of your suddenly “homeless and confused” appearance.  Nighties are perfect for pretty much only sleeping, and they can only be worn in public if you’ve truly given up on long term human relationship.


Hopefully this little comparison has made the differences between nighties and tall tees clear.  To clarify, this website sells Tall Tees but we can probably recommend a nice lingerie store if you’ve wandered onto the wrong page by accident. We think that Tall Tees have many of the same ‘benefits’ of nighties – including their comfort and loose fit – but without the total disregard for modern fashion that wearing a nightie in public implies.

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