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Big & Tall? Will our Extra Length T-Shirts be Right for You?


If you have more in common with the Jolly Green Giant than the Nabisco Elves, we’ve got the shirts for you. Many tall tee companies simply don’t carry a full range of sizes – but our company is determined to offer tall tees that will fit nearly anyone. We now carry extra length t-shirts all the way up to XXL for people with larger frames, or regular-sized people that just like the way that the larger shirts feel. Also, all of our t-shirts are pre-shrunk so you don’t have to worry about the shirts getting smaller after you wear them once. With our XXL tall tees, the size you order is the size you receive.


We export our t-shirts all over the world, and people from American to Germany all enjoy the luxurious 100% cotton shirts with reinforced seams and non-stretch fabric. The Netherlands has the tallest people in the world, but no good tall tee companies, so we even export our shirts there! If your country doesn’t have a good selection of big and tall tees, order one of our XXL tall tees today and you’ll be on your way to a wardrobe that actually fits your body.


Of course, our XXL shirts aren’t just for XXL people. Many of our customers order the larger shirts because they like a loose shirt that gives them even more flexibility and comfort than the regular tall tees. If you really like to “feel the breeze” in your giant shirt – our XXL shirts might be your speed. Regular tall tees are designed to give you a little extra length while still fitting your arms and torso, but if you want a shirt that is big all over, you can order XXL. Check our size chart to get an idea of the XXL measurements as compared to our standard product offering.


Our XXL shirts are especially popular in Australia and New Zealand, headquarters of our company, but they have been exported throughout the world. Even Sweden, home of Nordic fashion and above-average height, orders our tall shirts on a regular basis.
Tall shirts are a great way to add some variety to your wardrobe – perfect for basketball or just a night out at the clubs.



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