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Top 9 Best Dressed NBA Players

Given the way fashion and style has blown up over recent years it can be hard to find an NBA who doesn’t dress progressively and pay attention to what they put on before games, at press conferences or at public events.

Steph Curry was quoted saying that players ‘stress over outfits for days’ showing how much care is put into what will be 1/82 pre-game outfits for the season.

The NBA has become the leader in terms of major sporting leagues and mens style, with many people being concerned with before-afterwhat a player wears just as much as the outcome of the game.

On October 17th 2005, NBA commissioner David Stern announced the new league dress code. Stern was looking to boost the leagues image following events such as the infamous Pistons-Pacers Brawl.

Little did the league know that this decision would open the door for NBA players to not just meet a dress standard, but be both conscious and innovative in what they wore.

Nowadays players have lucrative collaborations with brands, personal stylists and a critical spotlight on what they wear.

Without further ado check out our picks for the NBA’s best dressed players…

9. Chandler Parsons


Parsons is the youngest player on this list, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know whats up when it comes to style.

As you can see from the above snaps he finds the perfect medium between smart/street, seen rocking layered long hoodies, tapered chinos and is definitely no stranger to interesting button-down shirts.

Chandler Parsons shares a stylist with a fellow NBA star, D Wade. Calyann Barnett (video below) has Parsons rocking a versatile look with outfits that are fitted and sleek.

Often seen in Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God, Cotton Citizen and Marc Jacobs.

As well as these brands Parson’s also endorses Del Toro with his own line of shoes, his own socks with Stance  (beginning before it was the official NBA partner), and also an underwear line with PSD.

Surrounded by others who are into style, Parson’s girlfriend is supermodel Toni Garnn and one of his best friends in the league Blake Griffin (who he has known since 12) featuring later on in the list.

8. Lebron James

Versatile is the word that comes to mind when looking at Lebron’s style choices.

Whether going for  casual look or a tailored double-breasted  suit, his looks are consistently refined no matter what he chooses to rock.lebron-style-clothing

Keeping his clothing classy, Lebron often turns heads with his accessories; whether it be fedoras from The Hill-Side or Pocket squares with eye catching patterns.

Lebron’s stylist Rachel Johnson sums up the look as being,’a more Italian playboy kind of look.

Sexy but relaxed, effortless, confident, more colour and more playful.’

James’s rotation features the likes of Thom Browne, Balenciaga and Valentino.

Quick to catch onto a trend, Lebron is quick to set them as well. With his recent double-breasted green suit even getting the seal of approval from Chuck.charles-barkley-head 

7. Russell Westbrook

An exciting player on the court this doesn’t end when he steps off it as a self proclaimed ‘Fashion King’.

Westbrook is never a day away from trending on NBA fashion blogs and every now and again trending as a meme as a result of some of his more risqué fits.


We can really sum Russ up in one word, unique. As a true style fan he doesn’t believe in needing a stylist and this leads to outfits that are loud and unique.

Westbrook can be seen as the one who began the ‘nerd glasses’ trend but is also quick to catch onto one such as Dior’s scribble collection that was seen on a multitude of players.

Already having his own collections with Barneys and Public School, expect more big things from Russ in the years to come. 

6. Nick Youngnick-young-style

Young perhaps best sums up his style himself, saying, ’If it’s bad or good I just roll with it’.

Nick often experiments with neck-snapping threads but his chilled out demeanour see’s him also rock simple, casual outfits. ‘Swaggy’ for a reason his wardrobe is full of brands such as Saint Laurent, Opening Ceremony, Supreme, Union and LA’s own Fear of God.

Recently signing a deal with Adidas Nick has played with the Yeezy line as well as staple adidas kicks such as the Pure Boosts.

Nick still isn’t except from higher end brands like Christian Louboutin, Saint Laurent and Maison Martin Margeila.

If flashy high end designers is your thing you’ll love Nicks style but he is also able to find balance and tone things down when in a casual setting. 

5. Dwayne Wade

In Dwayne’s first years in the league he can be made out as a perfect example of classic 90’s NBA fashion.

After talks with  P Diddy? in a Miami club Wade decided to ?? and has since acquired celebrity stylist Calyaan Barnet to keep his wardrobe up to date. Brands Public School, Valentino, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana as well as Versace all feature heavily in Dwayne’s fits.dw

Wade is responsible for some of the NBA’s most memorable fashion moments including his 2011 shoot with GQ in which pictures of him went viral.

Wade who also has as a partnership with stance along with fellow NBA’er chandler parsons has a lot of other collaborations with companies from pocket squares to watches with swiss brand Hublot Wade is making a name for himself throughout the fashion world in all areas.

4. Rudy Gay rudygay

Gay is somewhat of a sleeper when it comes to the NBA’s best dressed.

His style is consistent and routinely rocks brands like Givenchy and En Noir and Robert Geller. Gay avoids fashion help in the form of a stylist, although he does believe in having a good tailor. ‘Athletes work out a lot, and you want to be able to show that when you wear clothes.

When you tailor something, the difference is like night and day. It makes you want to show off.’

Gay never seems to be trying too hard and its noticeable that his interest in menswear is a passion with him being spotted regularly at runway shows. 

3. Tyson Chandlertc

Even though he stands 7 feet tall Tyson Chandler is a leader of style in the NBA. A look that is clean and calculated, Chandler is able to balance being an individual whilst not being flashy.     

Chandlers fits are primarily long t shirts designers such as Rick Owens. 

Tyson is often spotted at runway shows for top designers and proves that style truly is a passion for him, and not just a competition. He sums his style up perfectly himself, ’For me, it’s about a tailored, versatile look that can have you ready for any occasion’.

With one of the biggest frames in the NBA credit should be shown to Tyson for being able to maintain a stylish but refined look. 

2. Blake Griffin

Playing in LA puts Griffin in one of the world’s fashion capitals and he has stepped up to his surroundings.

Griffin’s style is rather mature and keeps things for the most part low-key.

Often seen in a fitted suit or cardigan, Blake experiments with patterned pieces or adds variety with a unique pocket square or accessory. Speaking of accessories one of Griffin’s shoes was even recently used as a fashionable hand bag in Broad City.

BG’s shoe getting used as a fashion accessory on the most recent season of Broad City.

As Griffin grows as a player and looks to take the next step to the elite superstar level, it will be interesting to se how his style changes with him.

and the biggest player in NBA fashion is…


1. James HardenJh

Over the past few seasons James Harden has solidified his place as a top player in the league and has also solidified a place as a fashion leader in the league.

Harden shows flair in eye-catching outfits, somewhat like his past teammate Westbrook.

Whether a Versace Shirt and Balenciago sneakers or a cowboy hat paired with a white shirt, whatever Harden wears snaps necks. 

As news circles of a collaboration on a sneaker with Kanye, Harden is certainly one to follow in the realms of basketball fashion.

Did we miss out on someone that you think deserves a mention? Let us know in the comments section below.

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