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Wholesale Longsleeve Tees Australia & NZ

Are you looking to buy bulk or wholesale longsleeve tees in Australia or New Zealand? Well you have come to the right place.

First a little bit about us. We’re an Australian streetwear label that specialise in longer length mens clothing (otherwise known as longline or tall clothing). We pride ourselves on supplying garments that are high quality cotton, pre-shrunk and colourfast. We don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to quality, and best of all we are very reasonably priced.


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So if you are looking to bulk order some great quality longsleeve t-shirts (either longline or regular length) feel free to get in contact with us on the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Further Information about our Longsleeve Tees

Are you wondering what a longsleeve t-shirt is? Isn’t that just called a sweater? Longsleeve tees were a big thing in the 90s, particularly in the surfing and skateboarding communities. They’re essentially like a sweater or crewneck jumper but lighter weight cotton and more fitted in the arms. They have made a come back in recent years in streetwear fashion, with people putting their own twist on them such as droptails, fishtails, curved hem and longer length under t-shirts.

Whilst t-shirts, singlets and muscle tees are perfect for Summer when it starts to heat up. Longsleeve tees are perfect for Spring and Autumn when it’s a little bit colder but not so cold that you need a hoodie or jacket. Longsleeve tops are also very versatile for layering with other t-shirts to create a certain look. There are quite a few different cuts of long-sleeve tshirts, you can check some of our ones out here.

Basic or Plain Longsleeve T-Shirt

long-sleeve-tee-longline0tallThe basic cut of a traditional longsleeve tee is similar to that of a regular t-shirt. Both feature a ribbed crew neck, sleeves beginning at the shoulders to form a “T” shape when held up. Only as the name suggests longsleeve tees have extended sleeves that taper in to then cuff at the wrist for a slightly relaxed but not baggy fit around the wrist. Of course whilst we do wholesale plain longsleeve tees, many people do of course want to screenprint on them. Printed longsleeve tees are definitely something that we can wholesale as well. Maybe you want to print on the front and back of them or even on the sleeves. The blank longsleeve t-shirts we have are perfect for screenprinting on and we can offer great low prices. It can also be a popular cut to have side zips or vents at the sides of long sleeve tops, particular tall, oversized and longline cuts.

Wholesale Raglan Tees

Raglan tees or baseball tees as they are sometimes referred to are similar in design to longsleeveScreen Shot 2015-09-30 at 1.50.06 pm tees, with only a couple of slight differences. Rather than the straight up and down seam that most t-shirts have, raglan sleeves are unique in that they have a diagonal seam that extends across the t-shirt out across the collarbone and then joining at the neck. Interestingly, this style of t-shirt dates back to after the Battle of Waterloo when Lord Raglan wanted more maneuverability when using his sword. The only other difference with raglan t-shirts is that they generally have three quarter length sleeves finishing halfway down the forearm. This is the standard cut of raglan, however if you are after full length sleeves or anything in particular feel free to contact us on the above form and we should be able to help you out with wholesale raglan tees. Also because we specialise in longline clothing (sometimes called tall or oversized) we can provide tall raglan tees for bulk orders as well.

Getting Samples

Are you interested in placing a wholesale order of tall longsleeve tees / regular length longsleeve tees, but first want to see some samples of our ones to make sure they’re the right fit for you. We don’t stock regular fit ones on our website and our tall fit long sleeve t-shirts are seasonal. You can check in our online store if we have any available, or alternatively, contact us on the wholesale order form above and we will look to help you out.

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What about Worldwide?

Whilst we do mainly cater to Australia and New Zealand since we are based in Australia, this does not mean that we do not also ship worldwide. We can happily offer wholesale or bulk orders of long sleeve tees to the US, Europe, Asia and all over the world. Previously we have wholesaled to California, New York, Netherlands, Denmark, France and even Germany. We have very competitive shipping rates so feel free to contact us on the above form for a free quote.

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