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The 5 Best Tennis Shoes for Big & Tall Men 2020

Top 5 Tennis Shoes for Tall Men in 2020

Tennis isn’t exactly a sport where you’ll find many tall guys. Well, you could say that a decade ago. Now, many tall players like you, myself, and even giants, like Riley Opeika, John Isner, and Kevin Anderson, grace the tennis scene.

Being tall, you’ll need the best tennis shoes that can cushion your quick and sudden movements on the court. Plus, the footwear has to provide optimum ankle support, spacious toebox to your inevitably large feet. Otherwise, us taller guys are susceptible to injuries, with toe and ankle injuries being the most common.

In this light, I’ll review not only the best tennis shoes for tall players, but also the latest on the market as of 2020. Best in terms of cushion, support, and durability and style. So, tread carefully, as you are about to unleash the Alexander Zverev in you.


#5 Men’s Adizero Ubersonic 3.0

The Adizero Ubersonic 3.0 is a tennis footwear endorsed by the towering Alexander Zverev. If Alexander vouches for these shoes, it’s safe to say they are one of the best for every tall person.

Key Features

  • Mesh upper material
  • All-court Adiwear outsole
  • Abrasion resistant toebox
  • Available up to size 14

What I Like About This Tennis Shoes

First, I like the modern look of the Ubersonic collection, including the 3.0.  Also, the sock-type lining secures the feet like it were gloves. Plus, the mesh upper adapts to the feet to give a secure and plush fit overall.

Coupled with a lightweight and soft midsole, the Ubersonic 3.0 makes ease of movement a walk in the park. Besides, the traction gives you just the right amount of grab to makes slides and return balls confidently. – not surprising for shoes used by Alexander Zverev.


What I Don’t Like This Tennis Shoes

The Ubersonic 3.0 is not guaranteed to take constant abuse before it starts to show signs of wear. Again, not a surprise for lightweight tennis shoes that are built for speed.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Form-fitting upper material for comfort
  • Breathable material
  • Abrasion resistant toe box for toe draggers
  • Speed lacing system




Not the most durable


The Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3.0 is a great option if your primary targets are speed and comfort. It’s breathable and strikes a modern look that makes it suitable for casual wear as well.


#4 K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme

K–Swiss is popular yet underrated tennis shoe brand among the big wigs despite their top-notch quality shoes. The Supreme is the latest addition to their Hypercourt line and is specially built for aggressive and competitive players.

Key Features

  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Textile collar lining
  • Rubber outsole with Dragguard 7.0 technology
  • CMEVA midsole
  • Only available in 2 colors
  • Available up to size 14

What I Like About This Product

As a step up from the Hypercourt Express, the Supreme uses the Dragguard 7.0 for increased outsole longevity. It also has a comfy upper bootie construction that gives a more secure fit than its predecessor. This way, you can play it out on the court with confidence that your ankles are safe.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

It has limited color options and has a kind of bland overall appearance.


  • Built to last
  • Remarkable cushioning and lateral support
  • Airy and spacious inner


  • Not stylish


The Hypercourt Supreme boasts exceptional durability and comfort levels that are well in the ballpark of more expensive competitors.


#3 Asics Gel Resolution 8

The Gel Resolution 8 kicks are yet another Asics product that offers premium stability, durability and comfort on-court. The only thing, they still don’t strike the best looks, like most modern tennis shoes.

Key Features

  • Proprietary upper
  • Dynawall midsole
  • 4 multi-color variations
  • 6 months outsole warranty
  • Available up to size 15

What I Like About This Tennis Shoes

Asics makes special provision for players with wide feet in their sizing chart. This allows you to enjoy the shoe’s performance without feeling like your toes will be crushed. If that’s not a blessing for tall guys, I don’t know what is.

The Dynawall technology is the icing on the cake as regards cushioning. It’s designed to help give stable lateral support to prevent ankle sprains while you grind it out at the baseline.

The Dynawrap lacing system enhances the stability of the Gel Resolution 8. It wittily locks the feet in place while also giving no chance for the laces to loosen during a game with the lace “garage” in the tongue.

What I Don’t Like About This Tennis Shoes

These shoes are fantastic performers for tall guys but aren’t the best looking by a stretch, in my opinion.


  • Durable build
  • Effective impact absorption with gel cushioning
  • Soft toebox cage
  • Secure lace system with lace storage


  • Need to order a size up


If you’re a performance freak and don’t really bother about the aesthetics of your tennis shoes, the Asics Gel Resolution 8 is a beast.


#2 Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 is endorsed by Rafa Nadal, who, by tennis standards, is a tall player. The Cage 4 has an innovative lace design and overall construction that’s stylish, wide, and comfortable to support Rafa’s aggressive style of play.


Key Features

  • Hidden lace design
  • Tough rubber and Kurim upper material
  • Zoom Air unit in the forefoot
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Available up to size 15

What I Like About This Tennis Shoes

I’m a big fan of the Nike Zoom Air unit in the Vapor 4. It’s bouncy and comfy feel makes me long for the next time I’ll put on the shoes.

A rather important performance-related feature for tall guys about the Vapor 4 is its large toebox. The extra room provides a comfortable fit for folks with wide feet.

Finally, the outsoles are built to withstand excessive use before showing signs of wear. In fact, one of the most durable tennis shoes on the market.

What I Don’t Like About This Shoes

The Vapor 4 is almost perfect, but its seemingly indestructible upper material may be the bane of its existence. It can get hot pretty fast inside.



  • Attractive design
  • sturdy construction
  • Spacious toebox
  • Hidden laces for increased confidence while sliding
  • Six months warranty on outsoles


  • May get hot easily
  • Needs a few hours to break in
  • Only suitable for hard court


It’s a good choice for tall guys with extra wide feet. It has a spacious toebox, and also offers exceptional durability and terrific traction.


#1 Adidas Stycon

The Addidas Stycon is one of the latest tennis shoes in this review and introduces a never-before-seen design in the game. It is the first “laceless” tennis shoe ever that mixes impeccable aesthetics with the basic performance features.

Key Features

  • Laceless design with textile upper
  • Bounce and EVA midsole
  • Adituff toe and heel cage
  • Durable Adiwear rubber outsole
  • Available up to size 13.5

What I Like About This Tennis Shoes

Without a doubt, the laceless design is a joy to behold. Not only is it an eye-pleaser, but it’s also an effective performer. Its sock-like fit stays snug on the fit and eliminates the need to tighten a loose lace in the middle of a game, or even lace the shoes at all.

The bounce midsole adds a great deal of comfort, thanks to its lightweight and bouncy feel.


What I Don’t Like About This Tennis Shoes

The Stycon needs to have tight-fitting to perform effectively, so it’s usually hard to get on. If you don’t mind, a shoehorn can get the job done easily.

The high riding collar locks the feet in place, doing a good job of preventing ankle sprains. And it solves the common issue of toe injuries for tall guys with its toe cage.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable build
  • Never-before-seen laceless design
  • All-around protection for heel and ankle
  • Tacky traction


  • Expensive
  • Material may take some time to break in


If you are looking for a pair of shoes with superb performance, yet and doesn’t sacrifice style and aesthetics, the Adidas Stycon is a unique option. But it comes at a price.


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