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Tall Beer Records You Didn’t Know Existed!

Australia’s tallest man Kewal Shiels was careful not to spill a drop of beer on his white Plus2 tall tee!

You may remember back in December 2014 we published an article about Australia’s tallest man Kewal Shiels, which included a part about how many beer cans it would take him to become a “Wizard” in the classic drinking game Wizard’s Staff/stick. Well in the end we established it would take him a whopping 18 Victoria Bitter cans taped on top of each other to become the wisest wizard of all! Well this along with our recent release of our longneck beer themed tall tee prints got us thinking about whether there are some other bizarre “tall beer-themed records” out there. So we did a bit of digging, and put together a list of 8 tall beer records you didn’t know existed…but probably won’t be any wiser for knowing they do!

1. Tallest wizards staff (beer drinking game)

Well what better place for us to start then to find out exactly what is the tallest wizards-staff ever built out of beer cans? Take a look at this video below where some American college students (who else?) have duct taped together a staggering 241 beer cans together to create an absolute monstrosity of a wizards staff that even Gandalf the grey himself would be proud of! Check it out in the video below:


2. Tallest stack of beers (with no tape)

That got us thinking, how many beer cans could be stacked on top of each other without using rolls upon rolls of duct tape? Well we couldn’t find any definite record (it appears the Guinness book of records isn’t yet accepting such human feets), although it appears to be around 14 cans or there about… more interesting though we did stumble across a video of this bloke that manages to casually stack 7 beer bottles in to a tower, which we thought was pretty impressive!

3. World’s tallest beer bong

At number 3 on our list of peculiar tall beer records, is what we believe to be the world’s tallest beer bong. The video below of shows some guys that built a 200ft (17 story) beer bong. This was the biggest one we could find, however the video is a gruelling 8 minutes of no one actually knowing how to actually do a beer bong and some guy wearing all the beer on his t-shirt, none the less it’s an impressive feet!


4. Tallest beer tap handle (yet to be determined)

The majority of these tall beer records seem to be bored American college students with not a lot else to do. This was even more apparent when we came across our next record, or rather record to be that this year Columbus is looking to enter the Guinness Book of Records for the tallest beer tap handle. We’ll be interested to see how this one turns out – you can stay up to date by following them on instagram @TallestTap

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 6.09.38 pm


5. Tallest / Largest beer can or bottle

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t actually look in to what the tallest or rather largest can or bottle of worlds tallest beerbeer that exists would be. First off we came across this amazing Guinness themed beer can trailer. We couldn’t find any further information about whether it actually contains any beer in it but it’s definitely not a bad trailer! The next article we came across on our hunt for the tallest beer bottle was about Leif Sonne, a Danish beer bottle collector who has the largest collection of unopened beers in the world, at 22,000 and counting! Eventually after getting caught up with all these ridiculous beer records we finally found the record of the largest glass of beer which was an 8ft glass of, you guessed it, Guinness!

6. Tallest beer stack (on someones head)

How about this guy! In 2010, John Evans set the record of carrying 237 pints of beer on top of his head. That will make you think twice, next time you complain about carrying back 4 pint glasses to your seats at the footy!beerbalancehead

7. Largest Australian novelty beer can

We were pretty surprised that we hadn’t come across any ridiculous Australian tall beer records, considering we are the nation known for building larger than life bananas and shrimps as tourist attractions. Then we came across the Tall Beer can that’s located in Cobar NSW. It’s a 5×2.5m can of Tooheys New (would have preferred a coopers!) that sits upon the Grand Hotel. We couldn’t find a great picture of it but here’s legendary ex-Australian prime minister Bob Hawke downing a yard glass of beer in under 12 seconds, you ripper!


8. Tallest man in the world with a beer

tallest-man-beer-canEver wondered what a beer can would look like in the hand of the worlds tallest man?Well Sultan Kosen from Turkey is 243cm or 8ft3 and holds the record for being the worlds tallest man alive. Not surprisingly he also holds the world record for largest hands at 27.5cm and makes this beer can look tiny!



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