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Style Tips for the Tall Thin Man

Style Tips for the Tall Thin Man

If you’re over six feet tall, and you are either slender or athletically built, clothes shopping is probably impossible. It seems like clothing manufacturers have just accepted the fact that waist lines across the country are expanding, and every piece of clothing that they make for tall individuals is wide enough to fit two thin people in.  If you’re tall and have an athletic build, you are already leagues ahead of your fellow men in looking great – you just need clothes that accentuate your figure rather than making you look like you’re wearing a curtain.

Slender Fit T-Shirts

One of the fastest ways to improve your overall appearance, and one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, is purchasing slender-fit t-shirts rather than the massively baggy “XXXL” shirts that are designed more for people with completely round torsos. Tall Tees are perfect for tall people because they have a slender fit – accentuating your height instead of making you look dumpy and overly casual.  Stick with the lighter shades for your tall tee – since bright colors (including tan, gray, and beige) will make you look more professional while giving you more options for layering.

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Break up Unbroken Surfaces

IF you want to distract people from your height, you need to make sure that there aren’t any long unbroken surfaces (like the flat surface of a t-shirt) that draw peoples’ attention to how tall you are. An easy way to do this with a t-shirt is with small breast pockets.  Pockets are also useful for giving you a place to put your things, and our tall tees with pockets come out in a variety of colors for any outfit.  You can also break up your outfit with contrasting accessories and with contrasting trim on your shirt or pants. Something as simple as a contrasting belt or a necklace can distract people from your height.

Avoid Stripes

Nothing makes a tall person look more out of place than thin stripes.  If you want to look like a giant mime, go ahead and wear a striped shirt, otherwise stick with subtle striping if you want to wear stripes at all, and go with horizontal over vertical stripes since vertical stripes can make you look even thinner/taller.


If you’re very thin – it is a struggle to make your body seem larger, and many fashion choices make you seem more like a giraffe than like the suave gentleman you want to look like. Layering is a great way to add a little weight to your wardrobe. You don’t have to go overboard with several shirts, jackets, and sweaters – but a tall tee over a sweatshirt, or a tall tee under a jacket is a great way to accentuate your build rather than your height. Even in the summer, you can layer a regular t-shirt over a tall-tee, or you can use a drop tail tee as an undershirt to simultaneously add a layer while also adding a contrasting band at the bottom of your overshirt.


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