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What is +2

What is +2

You may have seen someone wearing one of our +2 snapback hats whilst you were out and about or maybe even saw one of our stickers somewhere and thought to yourself – just what is +2?

+2 or rather Plus 2 Clothing is a up and coming Australian streetwear label that specialise in longer length clothing.

We aim to provide all your favourite staple wardrobe items including:

  • t-shirts
  • jumpers
  • button-ups
  • jackets
  • and more

except with the benefit of added length on them. Why would you want longer length clothing you ask? We cater to needs of the taller, slimmer person.

Since we are tall ourselves we understand just how annoying it can be that you can’t find all your favourite items of clothing in a more elongated fit that fits you better and doesn’t have you showing off your midriff to everyone. For too long tall people have been limited to so called “Big & Tall” man stores that lack variety and style.

Our emphasis is on quality material and styles at a reasonable price. We are passionate about designing streetwear and casual wear fashion that is both suitable for people with a taller build whilst still fitting those with an average height that just like their clothing long and below their pant line.


You may have heard the term ‘tall tee” been thrown around, and that’s exactly where we started. Tall tees are nothing new and you may even be familiar with their popularity in the early 90s when everyone was rocking ‘knee-knocker’ t-shirts and baggy jeans. Shop our tall tees here.

We were fed up with buying t-shirts that were size XL or bigger to get the necessary length but then were way too wide in the chest. This is what led is to designing our own cut of tall tee. One that was long enough, not too wide in the chest and perfect for the slimmer or athletic built person. You can even read more about how we started out on our about us page.

If you’re wondering where the name +2 or Plus 2 Clothing came from and what it all means than read on.

It probably won’t surprise you that we’re basketball fans (it’s generally assumed with tall people anyway) and besides it been a great sport, one of the other great things about basketball is that the jerseys come with extra length. In fact we have met tall people that only wear basketball jerseys because nothing else is long enough for them and they feel comfortable in them. Long basketball jerseys will have an extra 2 inches of length and that’s where we thought would be a great place to start with our own clothing designs for tall people.

We’re all about supporting locals killing it in their field. From musicians, to snowboarders, basket-ballers and even just guys that are really tall and struggle to find clothing that fits.

We look forward to expanding our range of tall fit clothing in the near future and if there is any particular clothing item you have been searching for that you would love to see us do with some extra length – feel free to comment below or drop us a line on our contact us page.

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