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Josh Hodge: Skateboarding Interview

If you’re not familiar with the name, Josh “Hodge” Hodgson is one of the gnarliest guys in the Melbourne skate scene right now. We first met up with Hodge a year ago over some beers at Prahran skatepark. He had recently just moved from Bendigo to Melbourne. Refusing to work a 9-5 job and living out of his car at the time, Hodge made it pretty clear to us that he lives and breathes skateboarding, and also wasn’t afraid to skate a vert ramp with no pads after a couple of beers… A year on, and with handful of Northern District Skate League wins under his belt, an article in the Sydney Herald and countless bruised heels we caught up with Hodge to discuss growing up in Bendigo, how the kickflip mctwist inspired him to pick up a skateboard and when we can expect a full video part from himself.

Age: 12 in the head, 80 in the body so about 24 the last time I checked?

Stance: Donald Duck.

Hometown: The BendiGhetto and I ain’t never goin back!!!, but currently residing in Burncity baby.

Years skating: Shiiiiiit bout 11?

Favourite spot growing up: 

Hmmm probably the Centrelink offices in Bendigo, little did I know at the time, I’d be spending a lot of time there anyway in my later teens hahaha.

What happened to the long hair steeze: Head lice haha. Step dad shaved it like ’07 Britney.

What got you hooked on skating: I saw the TV ad for the first Tony Hawk PlayStation game in like ’99 and it was a bunch of cops chasing a skater and I was like “hey I hate cops too that’s sick” mind you I’m like 8yrs old haha, but wasn’t till a couple years later I got my first board, cause when ya live in the mish, if it can’t be packed into a bong, there’s not much room in the budget for much else – haha sad but true.

What was your favourite THPS level: Pffft Carlsbad school from THPS2 duhhhhh.

Hodge rocking one of our tall tees - Photo by Marcus Hart.
Hodge rocking one of our tall tees – Photo by Marcus Hart.

Favourite tracks to skate to: Any Oz hip-hop will do, bit of 90s gangstar.

What are the best and worst things about skateboarding right now: I don’t know if it would be the worst thing but probably how there’s parents out there that non-stop coach their kids and are trying to turn em into the next superstar, I think that’s pretty lame. It just takes away everything that made skateboarding so great to me and it’s a shame that these kids won’t ever really experience that kind of self drive and belonging. Best thing… no matter where you are in the world you got homies close by.

Where in the world would you be skating right now if money weren’t a thing:

Crooks, Sydney - Photo by Jorge Pena.
Crooks, Sydney – Photo by Jorge Pena.

Anywhere where there’s sun man, you said Venice was sick yeah? Haven’t been but it’s definitely on the list. Basically anywhere else haha.

Trick that you just can’t make sense of: Impossibles… Seriously… Fuck em.

What really grinds your gears: 

Cops man, cops. The fines they give out these days to add to their end of year bonuses – it’s absolutely fucked. And it’s never the guy in the BMW X6 it’s the guys that can’t afford it are the ones they target, as if it wasn’t already expensive enough to live here!

What’s happening to the Melbourne skate scene with so many iconic street spots getting capped/shutdown:

I think she’ll be fine, mafuckas are now skating over and through all the caps. Plus there’s always gonna be new spots and new ways to skate em. I also heard they’re trying to make it mandatory to wear helmets lol good fucken luck!

So what’s next for skateboarding then: 

Probably a 4 year old girl doing a 1080 over the Grand Canyon or some shit, depending on how hard these kids get cattle prodded by their coac… Sorry I mean parents HA

Who are the guys that are pushing the boundaries of skateboarding the most right now: Chris Joslyn’s pretty gnarly, Ben Rayborn and basically whoever can afford to ride the mega ramps. #alwayshatedrichkidscantyoutell?

Top 5 skate parts of all time:

1.) Leo Romeo – Foundation that’s life.

2.) Spanky – Emerica: this is skateboarding.

3.) Tom Penny – Flip Really Sorry.

4.) Danny Way – DC Video.

5.) David Gonzalez – Possessed to Skate.

When can we expect to see a full part from yourself:

Dammmnnnn man soon, I’ve been filming for a video for about a year now so hopefully this year we can get it out! Between injuries, work and fools being in Skool still, it’s taken a while. But yes I have footage and I’m very excited to show it to the world…. Or the 3 homies that will watch it haha.

Rant to end with: 

Leave your self doubt, negative attitude, jealousy and money problems at home. Because the day doesn’t care for your problems, so live in today, forget yesterday, and look forward to tomorrow.

You can follow Hodge at @joshhodgetakeflight or catch him putting our tall tees to the test at all good Melbourne skate spots. Cover photo courtesy of Marcus Hart –

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