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Extra Long Tank Tops

Whether you’re really tall and looking for that added length, or simply like your tops to be nice and long – we all know just how hard it can be to find good extra long tank tops.

Recently we were on holiday in Thailand and this really hit home. There was definitely no shortage of “regular” size tank tops and singlets there, particularly on Khao San Road which is a mecca for cheap singlets and all things knock-off related (if you’re in to that kind of stuff). But if you’re anything like us and over 6ft tall, than as Donnie Brasco would say “fuggetaboutit!” Because even if you do resign to the fact you’re going to have to buy something ill-fitting you only end up getting one or two wears (if you’re lucky) out of it – knowing full well that as soon as you get it washed, the darn thing will shrink beyond recognition on you.


Travel stories aside though, we wanted to tell you a bit more about our own range of extra long muscle tees, singlets and tank tops. If you’re unfamiliar with our style of clothing at Plus 2 Clothing, than in short (no pun intended) it’s all longer length. We specialise in high quality, affordable garments with tall people in mind, whilst still catering for those that simply just want to shop for extra long tops. So without further ado here’s a bit more information on our range:

Tall Singlets Australia

For starters let’s get one thing straight in Australia, we call it a singlet not a tank top. Whilst we still do use the word tank top – it is generally reserved for women’s clothing rather than men’s.

Been Australian based we know just how hot summers can be and we’ve designed all our range of tall singlets with this in mind. First off, let’s take a look at our basic white tall singlet. Whilst at oversize-singlet-edit1first glance it may look like just any other plain white singlet you’ve seen at the shop there’s actually more to it than that.

Been a tall clothing brand, we obviously added length to it, so that it’s more of what you would call a ‘longline singlet’. We also finished it at the bottom with a curved hem (or scallop cut) so that it adds a bit of style and gives it a cool side profile as well.

Lastly, and most importantly, we put a great deal of focus in to the actual make up of the singlet. It’s 95% cotton and 5% spandex material. This means it get’s the breathability of cotton whilst having a nice comfy and stretchy feel to it.

Tall Muscle Tees

One of the more popular cuts of tank tops these days, particularly in Australia is the muscle tee. muscle-tee-front-tallWhilst the name may suggest that it’s one of those spaghetti thin strap singlets that you would expect to see 80’s body builders wearing at the gym, we assure you it’s not. Muscle tees (also known as cut-offs) are essentially crew neck t-shirts with the sleeves cut off, to give it that raw finish and free up your arms. They’re a very popular cut at the moment, particularly in streetwear fashion.

Rather than you having a shot at cutting up all your old t-shirts to make them in to muscle tees, we’ve saved you the hard work (and possibly heartache) and sell them online.

They’re 100% cotton plain tall muscle tees. Designed in Australia, they feature a crewneck and larger openings on the sleeve holes so you can go about doing your business. Since they are longer in length they can also make a great choice as a layering tee.

What’s Next

You best believe we have a great range of tall singlets, muscle tees and tank tops about to drop in time for Summer 2016. Along with our basics range, we will also be adding some printed designs, some other styles such as droptail tank tops and much more.

The best place to see our whole range is over at our extra long tank tops store page.

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