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Bonka: 7 Alcohol Mash-Ups We Wish Existed!

Certainly no stranger to mash-ups, we recently caught up with Queensland DJ duo Bonka to find out what their dream alcohol collabs would be and why…


7. Fireball x Maple Syrup Hotcakes

This has actually been done by us in a hotel room in a small country town…. and honestly at the time it was probably the greatest and most satisfying meal we could have possibly conjured up in our state!

6. Baileys x Ferrero Rocher


Seriously who doesn’t like Ferrero Rochers?… It only seems logical that at some stage someone make them an outlet for getting intoxicated. 

5. Agwa x Gummy Bears


Again this is a no brainer, gummy bears that get you drunk…. please shut up and take my money.

4. Chambord x Red Liquorice


Well anything with red liquorice is a good option, and Chambord is a great tasting alcohol so we’d love to see this actually happen!

3. Absinthe x Jelly Belly


No one likes Absinthe, if they say they like it they are lying…. but in its defence it does a job and it does it very very well…. and jelly beans are a crowd favourite so why not see what happens.

2. Grey Goose x Strawberry Clouds


Literally every tuckshop/canteen in the world used to sell strawberry clouds and i don’t think I’ve ever met a person who doesn’t love them, imagine being transported back to your childhood while becoming inebriated ….. sounds like the best way to spend any night.

1. Fireball x Doughnut Time

Being a massive fan of fireball, there is only one cinnamon based treat that even comes close, your classic cinnamon doughnut. A basic straight up alcoholic cinnamon doughnut made by the good people at doughnut time would be out of this world and if i could have this one thing… i would die a happy and slightly intoxicated man!

Have some of your own? Let us know in the comments section below.

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