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15 Best Casual Pants for Tall Men

Besides ducking through doorways and not fitting in to aeroplane seats properly, one of the biggest tall people problems is undoubtedly shopping for clothing. At Plus 2 Clothing we specialise in longer length t-shirts and tops for the tall man but one of the questions we often get asked is – what are the best pant options for taller guys?

Been over 6ft myself, I’ve definitely had my fair share of problems finding pants that fit over the years. Since i’m not a professionally basket-baller, unfortunately having them tailor made is out of the question… I have gone ahead and compiled all my favourite casual pants over the years for you to enjoy…

















Tall Skinny Jeans


First let’s take a look at problem numero uno – if you’re a tall skinny man shopping for jeans is a nightmare at the best of times. You’re more than likely going to find ones that fit in the waist but not in the leg and vice versa. This is particularly the case if you’re looking for regular fit jeans. More often than not you will be left biting the bullet, buying a pair a size too big and just having them bunch at the waist with a tight belt.

The solution? Thankfully tall skinny jeans exist. Generally skinny jeans already cater to those of us with long skinny legs, unless of course if you’re really tall. There are some brands which will have skinny jeans in sizes such as 34″ waist but 36″ size in the legs. There’s also jeans specialists such as Levi’s who have a whole range of big&tall denim that will go up to a 38″ leg. Lee also have a big&tall range but if you’re wanting anything stylish over a 40″ you will generally have to go to a tall jeans specialist, have them tailored for you or try your luck on somewhere like eBay.

Tip: If you’re just dying to have a particular pair of skinny jeans that don’t quite have the desired length, try pairing them with some high top shoes which will give you a bit more room to move.

Tall Mens Chinos

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 6.19.32 pmOne of the most popular styles of trousers for men are chinos. They’re also one of the hardest styles of trousers to find for the tall man.

If you’re looking for some plain old tall chinos than one of your best bets is, surprisingly with Ralph Lauren, who have a great range of big&tall chinos. Less surprisingly of course is the fact that they will also empty out your bank account with their high price tag. If you’re after a slightly cheaper alternative Bonobos or another online tall pants specialist should have you covered.

Tip: For the most part elastic-bottomed chinos are best avoided if you’re really tall as they will rarely actually reach your ankle and tend to ride up, especially when sitting down.

Tall Suit Pants

Suits, both business and casual, are one of the hardest things to shop for as a tall bloke. Particularly because suits are meant to fit a certain way, with casual wear you have a bit more freedom to move in terms of relaxed/baggy fits. With suits it’s dorky to have the pants not quite reach your shoes and even dorkier if they bunch too much around the ankle, so where does that leave us?

A suit is always something you will try on first which usually leaves online purchasing out of the question. Further more if you’re struggling to find them in a department or big&tall man store than your only real option here is to get them tailored. Whether you wear a suit to work everyday or just the occasional wedding, you won’t regret buying a tailored suit to fit your tall and slender body type. Tailored suits are however generally pretty expensive, unless of course if you can hop on a plane to South East Asia, where they’ll cost you a fraction of the price and you’ll get a tan whilst you’re at it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.45.51 pmTip: It’s guaranteed that as a tall bloke wearing a suit you’re going to have your socks exposed, even if it’s only whilst sitting down. With this in mind be sure to have some appropriate or comical socks at your disposal for your next suit and tie occasion.


Lastly, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below if there are any particular trouser / pant brands that you recommend for taller guys. In the mean time we’re busily working away on designing up our own range of longer length pants with tall blokes in mind. You can join our mail list to find out when they drop, or alternatively check back in to our tall clothing store page where we have loads of specials on longer length clothing for you 🙂

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