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Tall clothing?

It should come as no surprise that Australian men are seeking out tall clothing options. After all, according to our latest government statistics the average height of Australian’s ranks us as 10th (Top 10 Tallest Countries) on the list of tallest average heights around the world of both males and females alike.
This is obviously due to many factors, but mainly we can put it down to our great climate, living conditions and they healthy lifestyle of our sporting nation.

So with that being said, it would only make sense that there are an abundance of tall clothing options for Australian men both at shopping centres and online. However this is unfortunately not the case. For many years the clothing options for the taller man have actually been very limited, generally to have to shop overseas or to have to walk in to one of those dreaded ‘Big & Tall’ man style stores where all the clothing gives off the impression that you have given up in life. That and the fact that whilst we are a tall nation, we are not necessarily all big and tall, most of us tall people are actually more of a slender build, so what shopping options in Australia are there for the vertically gifted?

Well, thankfully it’s now 2015 and tall fashion is starting to make a come back, at least in certain departments. Longer length clothing, particularly shrunken-tshirtoversized t-shirts are now the current streetwear style. This is great for a couple of reasons;
1. It means that all us tall folk have an ever growing number of tall clothing stockists we can shop from.
2. Gone are the days where you will have to throw out all your t-shirts after a couple of washes because they shrink in the washer/dryer and exposed midriff is just not your style.

What exactly is tall clothing you ask? Well traditionally there is big & tall clothing where everything is larger both in width and length. Whether it’s bigger shoes, longer length business shirts, larger suits or even larger size hats – they were all traditionally bigger in all aspects. So as you may have guessed by now, when we say tall clothing or tall fashion we are referring to garments that are just longer in length but will generally keep their slim fit in regards to the width of the actual garment. Sometimes this kind of clothing is also referred to as longline clothing or long clothing.

Where to shop for tall men’s clothing Australia:


As we touched on before, sometimes it can be daunting trying to find where to find longer length clothes in Australia. Rather than calling around big and tall man stores asking if they have what you’re after, only to go there and find that all their styles are 20 years old or have waist lines big enough to fit two of you, we have put together a few helpful hints to point all of the vertically gifted in the right direction.

If you’re after casual stuff like; tall tees, longline t-shirts, tall hoodies and longer length singlets than we have a great range of clothing to suit the tall man in our online store which you can check out Shop Tall Clothing Australia. We also have a range of stockists that you can check out on our store locator page.

If you are wanting more sporty stuff like longer length jerseys, large size sneakers or basketball shoes than the best place for you to try is a large sporting store. Smaller shoe stores often won’t stock any shoes over a size US 12, particularly if you’re after a range. Bigger sports stores will also definitely have you hooked up with basketball jerseys that have the extra added length as well. Most of the sporting brands these days give you enough length in the track pants, but if you’re struggling for length we would recommend checking out some speciality tall sporting stores.

At Plus 2 Clothing we are also in the stages of expanding our range to have you covered in more smart-casual tall clothing, stuff like button-ups and denim long-sleeves that you can wear out. However if you’re on the hunt for tall fitting suits, business shoes or even longer length ties you will have to look in to speciality stores for those. Often getting anything tailored to suit a taller frame can be quite expensive so we would definitely suggest doing your research first and possibly even looking at the option of getting stuff tailored in Asia if you’re on a shoe string budget and can afford to either wait for the shipping or the airfare over.

Will your clothing be tall enough for me?

Often with all the different clothes sizings, particularly since they can change from country to country, it can be difficult to know what size you are in different fits of clothing. As an example you might be a large in regular fitting t-shirts because it gives you a bit of room to move width wise but is also long enough at the base. So what size will you be in tall tees or clothing? Well unfortunately Australia doesn’t really have it’s own clothing sizes and generally goes by either the US or UK sizing models. This can be a bit confusing especially when it comes to longer length, slim fitting style tees and it can change from brand to brand.

Plus 2 Clothing has a sizing chart listed on every product and all our longer length clothing is true to size, with added length. If you are a large in regular fitting tees we would recommend a large in our size tees. The only difference? Ours will have that extra length that you desire and would normally have to go up to a size XXL or beyond to get. If you’re ever uncertain about what size to choose, remember the worst thing you can do is go a size down because there is a good chance it will be too small. Either go with what you are in normal tees or go up one in size because if the t-shirt is just a bit too oversized you can still get away with it. All our tall clothing is backed by our 30 day guarantee which you can check out here.

If you’re uncertain on anything or would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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