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Bulk Order Cheap Longsleeve Tall Tees

Looking at starting your own clothing label?

Or simply wanting customised wholesale tall tees for merchandise or promotion? You're in the right place! We offer high quality:

                ✚ bulk order tall & longline tees

                ✚ ready-to-ship blank bulk tall hoodies

                ✚ long-sleeve tees & much more!

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Looking to buy high quality tall tees at a wholesale rate within Australia?

You are in the right place. Plus 2 Clothing is an Australian streetwear label who specialise in tall and longer cuts of clothing, in particular tall tees. Being tall guys ourselves we know just how hard it can be to find a good quality tall tee at a reasonable price in Australia. We worked long and hard to make sure that our tall tee design and quality were second to none. Our tall tees are 100% heavyweight 180GSM pre-shrunk cotton. We offer a great range of colours and sizes, have very competitive rates and can cater for both small and large wholesale orders alike. 
These are just some of the colours available.
If you are looking at starting up your own clothing label and need some advice and a reliable, affordable supplier or are looking to place a large order and having a hard time finding a tall tee manufacturer, we're here for you. Our t-shirts are perfect for screen printing on and we have competitive shipping rates worldwide. Perfect for:
  • New apparel/clothing labels.
  • Bands looking for merchandise solutions.
  • Clothing labels looking to expand their range.
  • Promotional t-shirts for any occasion.

Further information

What exactly is a tall tee? Tall tees have been around for a while now however are harder to find than your regular fit tees. A tall tee is a t-shirt that has added length which is perfect for those of us that are vertically gifted or for anyone else that likes their clothing a fashionably longer. A tall tee may also be referred to as a tall fit tee, long tee, longline tee and even sometimes and oversized t-shirt and is usually sized as 'XLT' or 'LT' on the tag depending on the size. The 'T' denotes that the t-shirt is a taller fit. If you want to know more about exactly what makes a good tall tee, check out our blog post here. What's the fit like on Plus2 tall tees? basictallteesizechart We have spent a great deal of time designing every aspect of our tall tee to ensure that not only is it the perfect length from small-3xl but also that all the stitching, arm lengths, neck size and width is exactly what you want and expect from a quality tall tee. Please see our size chart for all our tall tee measurements. Why should I add tall tees to my range?  If you have your own clothing label that currently stocks regular fit tees and are looking at expanding the range to also have tall tees in your range this is a great option to add more range to your store and appeal to people who find regular fit tees ill fitting, especially after you have put them through the wash a couple of times. Tall tees have great appeal to not only tall people but also are very popular in certain circles, including; snowboarders, basket-ballers, skateboarders, bmxers, break-dancers, parkour and especially with streetwear enthusiasts who like to layer their clothing. With the layering ability of tall tees they also can enhance some of the other products in your catalogue such as a bomber jacket. Do you have samples I can checkout? We have a great selection of tall tees available in our online store at great prices which you can view here. Initially if you are simply looking to test out whether our tall tees are what you're after, feel free to grab one of our great deals below; including 3 tall tees for $50 and 5 tall tees for $80 (which includes FREE shipping Australia wide). cheap-tall-tees-deal tall-tees-bulk-lot-cheap Do you offer wholesale worldwide? Yes, whether you're in Australia, America, Europe, New Zealand or any other place in the world for that matter - we can definitely provide you with bulk tall tee orders at affordable prices, with great international shipping rates, both via air and sea freight. All prices quoted are in Australian dollars unless otherwise stated. I don't have a heap of money can you help a homie out? We understand it can be an expensive time trying to start up your own clothing label and can definitely look to help you out as much as possible, both with advice and unbeatable pricing. What are the turn around times like? Everything listed on the website is ready to ship out of the warehouse. After you have placed your order, it usually takes less than 1 business day to dispatch and can have them in Australia within a couple of days and the rest of the world within 1 week via DHL express courier.

Wholesale Tall Tees Australia

Designed in Australia we are now offering our popular style of tall tee for bulk orders. Heavyweight and made from 100% premium cotton. If you own a clothing brand and are looking to add some longer length tees to your range now is the perfect time to do so. Wholesale tall tees are a great option if you're:
  • tall-tee-all-bannerRunning a streetwear style clothing brand and want to offer a longer silhouette
  • Looking for a stylish long tee look for your bands merchandise
  • Interested in selling skiing or snowboarding tall tees
We have put together some examples of our most popular colours but if you require a specific or custom colour we can definitely accommodate to your needs. Rather than having to face the stresses of dealing with an unproven supplier in China or overseas, you know that with us we specialise in tall clothing and can offer you great quality at affordable prices.

Wholesale Tall Hoodies

Looking to add a some tall hoodies to your range? We can now offer our popular, high wholesale-tall-hoodiequality longer length hoodies at great wholesale prices. Available in a whole range of different colours, our wholesale tall hoodies are thick and made from 100% premium cotton. Designed in Australia with winter in mind, we have made sure that they're perfectly suited to keeping you warm even in the snow. Popular up on the mountains bulk ordering tall hoodies is a great idea if you have a snowboarding or skiing apparel business or even just want to get a bunch made to keep all the lifties warm! At 320gsm they're certainly thick enough and the longer length will also help keep the snow out of your pants whilst riding. Best of all they can rebranded to meet your needs. Whether you want a custom logo printed or embroidered we can tailor them to your needs.

Wholesale Long Sleeve Tees

There's certainly no denying that the popular 90s classic long sleeve t-shirt is back!wholesale-tall-sweater We've taken our own spin on this modern day classic by adding some length to the body and a slight bit of length to the arms so that it's fitting with our range of tall clothing. If you're looking to bulk order long sleeve tees within Australia or somewhere else in the world we have you covered. They're 100% cotton and perfect for rebranding. What's best about wholesale long sleeve t-shirts is that they have a whole bunch of areas you can print your logos on. Whether you're after sleeve prints or just on the front and back.