Why Choose Us

Trusted brand with high quality products that are shipped to customers worldwide.

Earn cash or store credit on all sales you bring in.

How It Works

Step1: Register

Sign up here with your email. It’s completely free to sign up.

Step2: Get Link & Share

Once signed up you will receive your own unique URL link. It will look something like this (https://plus2clothing.com/?ambassador=test)

Copy and share this link with friends and family.

Step3: A customer buys a product

Anyone that purchases via your link will be confirmed by our system automatically (no coupon code required). Every purchase via your link will earn you either store credit or $$ – it’s up to you.

Step4: Get commission

After our system confirms the referral link and order information, you will get 10%-16% sales commission. After 45 days, the pending commission will transfer to activity commission. You can withdraw your activity commission, the minimum withdraw commission is just $20 dollars. Please note – our ambassador program is meant for individuals who support our brand and want to earn money by doing so. It is not intended for mass marketing agencies, coupon/deals websites, and any other activity that we deem unscrupulous. Management reserves the right to withhold payment from ambassadors that are not inline with our community standards.